Halo Headlines: the Wells trade becomes official, Vernon wants to ‘Napoli’ the Angels

The March 27th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including the Wells trade becomes official, Vernon wants to 'Napoli' the Angels and much more…

The Story: The Yankees and Angels officially finalized the Vernon Wells trade with the Angels receiving prospects Kramer Sneed and Exicardo Cayones in addition to nearly $14 million in cash over two years.

The Monkey Says: I guess you could say that it took a lot of Cayones to trade for Wells. Thank you! I'll be here all week. But seriously folks, while Sneed and Cayones both have amazing names, neither are really prospects worth worrying about. The big win here for the Halos is all that sweet, sweet cash. Thanks, Yankees!

The Story: Why the Yankees might have actually been smart to pay that much cash for Wells.

The Monkey Says: I don't fully understand it even re-reading that piece, but apparently it helps out the Yanks and Angels when it comes to luxury tax implications for the Angels to pay $9 million to Wells in 2013 and $20 million in 2014.

The Story: Vernon Wells says it is a dream come true to be a Yankee and he can't wait to "Napoli" the Angels.

The Monkey Says: I want to assume he was joking there, but I don't think he was. If so, I don't really get his animosity. The fans definitely gave him a hard time, but the team itself gave him plenty of opportunities to prove himself, unlike Napoli who definitely got jerked with by management when he was on the roster.

The Story: Josh Hamilton thinks it is God's plan that has him set to face his former teams, the Reds and Rangers, in his first two series as an Angel.

The Monkey Says: Well, if that's the case, then God is an asshole for having the Angels start the season in an NL park since they can't use the DH.

The Story: The Angels outrighted Steve Geltz off the 40-man roster, but he will remain with the organization.

The Monkey Says: Kind of surprising that Geltz was booted off the roster, though he was demoted early too. He seemed like he had solid potential, but he didn't get claimed by another team either, suggesting there is more to the story. Perhaps he is injured and the team hasn't made it public or maybe there is a behavior issue here (which Geltz has a history of).

The Story: The Angels are one of the top five teams to watch in 2013.

The Monkey Says: Way to go out on a limb and pick the five best teams in baseball. How about giving the D'Backs some love? They may not be the best, but what they are doing with their overhaul has me interested in seeing what they can do on the field.

The Story: Vote for the Rally Monkey in Big League Stew's mascot madness.

The Monkey Says: These things are kind of stupid but given that the Rally Monkey is this site's namesake, I kind of have to stick up for him and I will be damned if he is going to lose the White Sox mascot that I didn't know existed.

The Story: A list of fan stereotypes by team per Google Correlate.

The Monkey Says: Yes, those results are real. I think the fine folks at Google might need to work on that algorithm a little bit. My favorite one might be the Rockies correlating to "Dumbledore is gay."

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