Halo Headlines: Vladimir Guerrero retires, Angels a suitor for Cano, Dipoto on the hot seat

The September 16th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Vladimir Guerrero retires, Angels a suitor for Cano, Dipoto on the hot seat chip and much more…

The Story: Vladimir Guerrero officially announced his retirement over the weekend.

The Monkey Says: Guerrero was functionally retired all year, but now he is giving into the notion that nobody needs his services anymore at age 38. Guerrero will go down in Angels history as one of the best ever to play for the team and has a very good chance at being inducted into the Hall of Fame. The question is whether or not he'll go in as an Expo or an Angel. He spent one more year with Montreal and put up better overall numbers, but the fact that he won an MVP and went to the playoffs as an Angel could give the Halos the edge. It probably doesn't hurt that Cooperstown might want to throw the Angels a bone by finally giving them someone in the Hall with an Angel hat on.

The Story: Nick Cafardo speculates that the Angels could make a play for Robinson Cano.

The Monkey Says: It is fair speculation since is no telling what Moreno will do to try and get the team back on track. I don't think they'll give out another nine figure deal, but you never know.

The Story: Peter Gammons discusses Jerry Dipoto as one GM who could get fired this off-season.

The Monkey Says: This is not news, but the article gave me an idea. The Marlins might cut Larry Beinfest loose and I can't help but think he'd be a capable replacement for Dipoto. He is well respected throughout the league and he certainly knows how to deal with a meddlesome owner. In fact, he might be the one GM candidate who views Moreno and Scioscia as an upgrade in terms of working conditions. I still hope they keep Dipoto, but Beinfest could be a nice fallback option.

The Story: Mike Scioscia admits that the Angels not being playoff contenders should probably preclude Mike Trout from winning MVP.

The Monkey Says: Some are worried that this might somehow rankle Trout, but Scioscia is just saying what so many others already have. Heck, Trout probably even believes the same thing so I can't see him taking it to personally that Scioscia isn't carrying his water with the press. There is also a possibility that Trout doesn't even care that much about being MVP.

The Story: Ranking the MLB team in terms of likability.

The Monkey Says: To think where the Angels would rank if their big splashy signings had actually worked out and made them contenders.

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