Halo Headlines: Weaver to return Wednesday, Angels and Anaheim in negotiations

The May 28th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Weaver to return Wednesday, the Angels and the city of Anaheim in negotiations and much more…

The Story: Jered Weaver will return from the disabled list to start on Wednesday.

The Monkey Says: That bumps Jason Vargas back one day, but he as he has been arguably the best pitcher on the team, his rotation spot is not in danger. It will be rather interesting to see what Weaver can do after reports of him having recovered some velocity in his extended spring training start.

The Story: The Angels and the City of Anaheim are working towards a deal on extending the Angels' lease at the Big A.

The Monkey Says: This comes at exactly the time one would expect because it gives Moreno plenty of time to strike a stadium deal in downtown LA if Anaheim doesn't give him what he wants, thus he has leverage. Assuming he actually does want to stay in Anaheim, which I'm not sold on, he'll undoubtedly be looking to have the city pay for some renovations to the 50-year old stadium as well and quite possibly allow him to drop the "of Anaheim" from the team's official name.

The Story: Tommy Hanson will return to the rotation at some point during the Houston series.

The Monkey Says: It remains to see whether he will be bumping Jerome Williams or Joe Blanton though. However, Blanton will get one more start before Scioscia has to make a decision, so all the evidence is not yet in.

The Story: The Angels activated Kevin Jepsen and designated Billy Bucker for assignment.

The Monkey Says: Buckner didn't get much of a reward for his solid spot start, but there was never any chance of him hanging on unless he threw a perfect game or something. Jepsen will get a chance to work his way back up the bullpen totem pole, probably quicker than we care to see him do so.

The Story: Sean Burnett had to leave Sunday's game due to more tightness in his left forearm.

The Monkey Says: Burnett only just came off the DL due to this issue which has been plaguing him all year. He has been examined several times so there is no immediate concern that he has a serious injury, but it remains frustrating since he just can't seem to stay healthy for very long.

The Story: The Angels could have ended up with both Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera.

The Monkey Says: People keep bringing this up, but I don't think it holds up. The only reason the Angels got Trout was because they got an extra first-rounder from the Yankees for Mark Teixeira. However, they never would've traded for Teixeira if they had Cabrera, assuming he would've been shifted to first base. And if they had Cabrera, there is no telling if they still would've been in position to pick Trout when they did.

The Story: Mike Trout was part of the worst TV graphic mishap of the year during the Royals series.

The Monkey Says: Clearly the TV crew has no idea what they are doing, but slapping that Yankee logo next to Trout's face was a cruel twist or irony that I'd rather not deal with.

The Story: Joe Blanton doesn't think he has anything to prove.

The Monkey Says: I appreciate him trying to be confident in his ability, but I know a few hundred thousand Angel fans who very much think he has a lot to prove.

The Story: A reminder that in the Wild Card era only five of 48 teams with 23 wins after 50 games have qualified for the post-season.

The Monkey Says: That isn't encouraging, but it does show that there is still some hope. There should actually be additional hope since there is now an extra Wild Card spot up for grabs.

The Story: Jonah Keri thinks the Angels need Jered Weaver to pitch like he did in his prime to even have a chance at the playoffs.

The Monkey Says: I actually don't disagree. This bullpen has improved, but it still isn't very good and has been wildly overworked. They need an ace like Weaver to shoulder some of the load the rest of the way.

The Story: Josh Hamilton is starting to heat up.

The Monkey Says: Shhh. Be quiet and don't talk about it. I feel like Hamilton hitting well is like spotting a deer in your yard. Don't make any sudden moves or loud noises otherwise you will scare it away.

The Story: The Angels and Dodgers haven't spent wisely, but at least they've spent.

The Monkey Says: You know who else they used to say that about? The Mets.

The Story: Josh Hamilton doesn't regret leaving the Rangers but he isn't surprised by their hot start.

The Monkey Says: Sorry, Ranger trolls, no bulletin board material for you here.

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