Halo Headlines: Weaver the most important player in MLB, Madson feeling better

The March 29th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Weaver is the most important player in MLB, Madson feeling better and much more…

The Story: Jered Weaver is the most important player in MLB.

The Monkey Says: That sounds like hyperbole, but I actually agree. The Halos need to have some frontline pitching to back their offense and thatt isn't going to happen if Weaver isn't his normal self. Even if Wilson and Hanson step up, they need an ace like Jered, which is why it is so important that he be able to either regain his velocity or continue to be effective without it.

The Story: Ryan Madson is feeling fatigued, but much better than he has all spring.

The Monkey Says: He has gotten a few more bullpen sessions under his belt but isn't throwing full out yet. The hope remains that he will only miss the first month of the season.

The Story: Garrett Richards claims that Mike Trout eats a lot of Domino's and can consume two dozen chicken wings in less than 10 minutes.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, the Fat Mike Trout jokes are clearly all out of line.

The Story: MLB executives voted Mike Trout the best player in all of baseball.

The Monkey Says: Miggy Cabrera was voted fourth-best. Once again, the BBWAA proves to have nailed the 2012 AL MVP vote.

The Story: The LA Times reminds us that the Angels and Dodgers both could end up as big money disappointments.

The Monkey Says: Let it never be said that the LA Times missed an opportunity to troll their own readers by casting a dark cloud over anything and everything.

The Story: Dan Haren compares Mike Trout and Bryce Harper.

The Monkey Says: But he sheds no new insight on the contrived rivalry. Thanks for nothing, Danny.

The Story: The Angels are hoping for a fast start this season.

The Monkey Says: As if there are teams that hope to slowly ease their way into the season. Still, focusing on April is a smart thing because their month of April is kind of brutal, from a schedule perspective.

The Story: Accuscore projects the Angels to win the AL West with 91 wins only to lose in the ALCS.

The Monkey Says: The projection systems all seem to quite like the Angels this year, which probably doesn't mean much, but it certainly is better than it being the other way around.

The Story: Baseball Nation previews the AL West and still thinks the Angels, Rangers and A's are pretty much neck-and-neck.

The Monkey Says: Human thoughts, however, don't lead to quite the same conclusion that the Angels will likely qwin the division. They do all seem to agree though that Tommy Hanson is pretty critical to the whole process.

The Story: If a computer had human emotion, it would lose its mind trying to project Josh Hamilton.

The Monkey Says: No need to tell me, I burned quite a few calories trying to come up with my own human projection of Hamilton for 2013. He doesn't get nearly enough press for being a pretty big unknown going into the year.

The Story: Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Gene Mauch's retirement.

The Monkey Says: I like how he blamed Mauch's health for his retirement and not Donnie Moore's failure because, well, you know…

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