Halo Headlines: Wells to retire after 2014, Wells not likely to be traded to the Yankees

The February 26th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Wells to retire after 2014, Wells not likely to be traded to the Yankees and much more…

The Story: Vernon Wells intends to retire and buy a minor league franchise after the 2014 season.

The Monkey Says: It is good that Vernon is planning this because he was probably going to be forced into retirement after 2014 anyway, what with him not being good at baseball anymore. Now, if only we could employ a complicated scheme to set all calendars, computers and newspapers that Wells comes into contact with to read as October 2014, we could hasten this promised retirement and save the Angels $42 million. Or maybe brainwashing is the better route? Does anyone know a good hypnotist?

The Story: Don't expect Vernon Wells to be traded to the Yankees in the aftermath of Curtis Granderson's injury.

The Monkey Says: I agree, though the article offers no justification for the claim. The Yankees have said they will fill the void internally, so there is that, but not everyone is going to believe that statement. Wells has been linked to the Yankees before, so it wouldn't be a big shock if the deal went down, but I think the whole trading Vernon ship already sailed because the Angels decided that they aren't just going to give him away for free.

The Story: The Angels weighed the risks and rewards of Josh Hamilton before signing him.

The Monkey Says: So did everyone. That's what every team does for every player before signing them. Of course, Hamilton happens to have a much more public set of risks than most, but this is hardly a groundbreaking thought process.

The Story: Tommy Hanson is feeling better than he has in years so far in training camp.

The Monkey Says: That's encouraging, but let's see how he actually pitches and what the radar gun says once the game starts.

The Story: Bill Hall has been learning to play first base in training camp.

The Monkey Says: That seems pointless because the Angels already have plenty of options there. Versatility is wonderful and all, but it isn't like he is going to play first over Trumbo if Pujols goes down. I'd much rather see Hall sharpening his defense at third, second and left than screwing around at first base.

The Story: Kaleb Cowart ranks as the #42 prospect in Baseball Prospectus' top 101 prospects.

The Monkey Says: OK, I think we are finally done with all these rankings. This has been exhausting.

The Story: Albert Pujols is one of the potential biggest bounceback candidates in 2013.

The Monkey Says: This doesn't seem like a big leap in logic considering that he went .297/.357/.553 after his miserable month of April.

The Story: A look at how A.J. Schugel ended up being converted from an infielder to a pitcher.

The Monkey Says: It is kind of amazing that they signed him after just a few bullpen sessions. It is even more amazing that he has developed so quickly despite his lack of experience.

The Story: Kendrys Morales was not at all surprised when the Angels traded him.

The Monkey Says: He saw the writing on the wall when the Angels signed Hamilton. If he was only that prescient when it came to his ill-fated stomp of home plate.

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