Halo Headlines: the affordability of a Mike Trout extension, Vargas and Bourjos begin rehab

The August 9th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including the affordability of a Mike Trout extension, Vargas and Bourjos begin rehab and much more…

The Story: Can the Angels afford to extend Mike Trout?

The Monkey Says: Yes, they can and it shouldn't even be a question. Not only are the Angels going to be pulling in nearly $150 million in TV revenue alone, so they are not going to be constrained by payroll. The other key element of that is that by the time Trout is scheduled for free agency and thus starting to pull down the really big money, the only contract left on the books will be Albert Pujols. The Halos have more than enough time to plan for this. Now they just need to get him to sign an extension.

The Story: Jason Vargas and Peter Bourjos started rehab assignments last night.

The Monkey Says: Vargas got knocked around a bit, but that is less important than him simply feeling good this morning. He should be stretched out enough to return to the majors, but the question is if he will rejoin Angels or go straight onto the trading block. Bourjos had an up and down game as well and will certainly spend a few more games in the minors to see how his wrist responds to playing regularly again.

The Story: Mike Trout is on the verge of passing Mel Ott for the highest career WAR through the age 21 season.

The Monkey Says: He is 0.2 wins behind Ott but Ott played 539 games to Trout's 291. So, you know, holy shit.

The Story: Mark Trumbo and Grant Green remember playing against each other in high school.

The Monkey Says: Ah, how sweet. It is memories like those that will keep their hearts warm during this cold, cold era of Angels baseball.

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