LA Angels offseason rumor tracker (UPDATED: 2/3 12:00 PM – Capuano the best option left?)

LATEST UPDATE, 2/6 2:00 PM – Angels not finalists for Burnett or Arroyo

In order to make sense of all the news and rumors for the Angels this offseason, I've decided to create a central repository. On this tracking page you can check in daily to see the latest Halo Hot Stove rumors and MWAH's analysis and patented SciosciaFaceTM rating of said rumors.




A.J. Burnett

Pure Speculation
2/6 – Burnett will play in 2014, but it isn't going to be with the Angels. Not that Burnett was ever going to play on the West Coast, but he seems to have boiled his choices down to the Pirates, Orioles and Phillies. Any reckless speculation that he might suddenly be willing to go west was just that, reckless speculation.

Chris Capuano
Iffy Report
2/3 – As the free agents go off the board, Capuano appears to be moving to the top of the Halos' shopping list. Not only aren't there many other options, but Capuano also recently dropped his demand for a two-year deal, according to recent reports. If the Angels are comfortable taking a risk on Capuano's health and ability to transition to the AL, Capuano might be that final arm they have been looking for.

Ubaldo Jimenez
Pure Speculation
1/29 – Jimenez makes a lot of sense for the Angels from a talent standpoint. He might even make financial sense as his pricetag seems to be dropping as nobody has shown much interest in forfeiting a draft pick to sign Jimenez. The Angels are chief amongst that group though and have taken a staunch vocal stance that they won't give up their pick. There is no reason to think they will back off that stance, so you might as well rule out Jimenez and Ervin Santana.

David Price
Pure Speculation
1/29 – Haven't updated this one in awhile. It still isn't happening, but I felt like updating it anyway. Not only do the Angels have nothing the Rays want, but it doesn't even look like the Rays will move Price at this point.
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