Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 4

Hey look! The Angels are good again. YAAAAY! Now our rankings can be fun again… at least until we start talking about the starting rotation…

1 — 0
Last Week: 1
Albert Pujols – Just imagine how good he would be if he had someone hitting behind him who could actually hit.
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Last Week: 2
Mike TroutDear BBWAA, kindly take note of who wildly outplayed who when the Tigers and Angels played last weekend.
3 green arrow up+2
Last Week: 5
Mark Trumbo Trumbo looks exceedingly comfortable at the plate and is really reducing the number of bad at-bats. The league should be scared.
4 — 0
Last Week: 4
Ernesto FrieriJust a thought, but maybe Ernasty should pitch more than once a week.
5 green arrow up+4
Last Week: 9
Garrett RichardsJerry Dipoto trade Kendrys Morales and Jordan Walden and spent over $28 million only to find out that his second-best starter was a guy already on the team that had been forced into the bullpen.
6 green arrow up+4
Last Week: 10
Peter Bourjos He still isn't walking, but he does lead the AL in infield and bunt hits. Hey, man, whatever works.
7 Red arrow down-1
Last Week:6
Chris Iannetta He is feast or famine with the bat, this week was a feast.
8 green arrow up+3
Last Week: 11
Sean Burnett Say hello to the only off-season acquisition by the Angels that is actually working out as well as expected.
9 green arrow up+4
Last Week: 13
Scott Downs Slowly but surely he is beginning to resemble the Downs that was the glue of the bullpen for a season and a half.
10 Red arrow down-7
Last Week: 3
Howie Kendrick – I think we all knew clutch, situation hitting Howie was only going to last so long. It was nice having him around. He will be missed.
11 — 0
Last Week: n/a
Luis Jimenez – Lucho not only finally gives the Angels some depth but he might even be giving the Angels a tough decision to make once Alberto Callaspo gets healthy.
12 Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 8
C.J. Wilson Wilson is a walking, talking example of why the Quality Start stat is complete and utter bullshit.
13 green arrow up+2
Last Week: 15
Tommy Hanson Only an Angel pitcher could shutout the powerful Tigers offense for six innings and still have it be a discouraging outing.
14 green arrow up+6
Last Week: 20
Dane De La RosaThe Angels traded a prospect to Tampa for a 30-year old reliever that turned out to possibly be pretty decent. Isn't it supposed to work the other way around?
15 Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 12
Jason Vargas Well, he didn't give up a homer in his lone start this week, so that's progress… right?
16 — 0
Last Week: n/a
Michael Roth – It is only fair that an unorthodox pitcher like Roth be used in an unorthodox bullpen role. If Scioscia makes that happen, Roth might be my new favorite Angel.
17 green arrow up+4
Last Week: 21
Jerome WilliamsFor the week, Williams went 6.1 innings, allowed three runs on eight hits and two walks. That is a better line for a start than either Blanton or Vargas had. I'm just sayin'.
18 Red arrow down-11
Last Week: 7
Josh HamiltonSo, anyone else wondering if the Yankees might be willing to trade Vernon Wells for Josh Hamilton?
19 green arrow up+6
Last Week: 25
Brendan Harris Look at li'l Brendan muscling up to show some power this week! His defense has been hit or miss, but his bat has done well enough to hold down the fort in Aybar's absence.

Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 17
Hank Conger Anyone that can catch C.J. Wilson and prevent him from completely falling apart is A-OK in my book.
21 green arrow up+3
Last Week: 24
J.B. Shuck  – FUN FACT: Shuck leads the Angels with a 1.055 OPS.
22 green arrow up+1
Last Week: 23
Andrew Romine Which happens first: Aybar comes off the DL or Romine collects another base hit?
23 — 0
Last Week: n/a
Michael Kohn We are now officially in the "throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks" phase of building a bullpen.

Red arrow down-6
Last Week: 18
25 Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 22
Mark Lowe Placed on the DL with a stiff neck that was brought about by constantly hanging his head after walking every other batter.

Dropped from rankings: Jepsen (blaming arm problems on forgetting how to pitch again), Callaspo (made obsolete by Lucho placed on DL)

Biggest Riser: Harris and De La Rosa, up six spots

Biggest Dropper: Hamilton, down 11 spots

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