Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 10

Just know that coming off three straight losses to the Astros, I don't have a lot of nice things to say this week…..

1 — 0
Last Week: 1
Mike TroutIs it just me or did Trout make the final out in every single loss this week?
2 — 0
Last Week: n/a
Jered Weaver Weaver hitting 91.6 MPH on the radar gun? /SQUEEEEEE!!!!
3 — 0
Last Week: 3
Jason Vargas So at what point do we get to start wondering when the Angels will approach Vargas about a contract extension?
4 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 2
Howie Kendrick – Howie continues to hit well, but he also continues to hit into GIDPs at the worst possible time.
5 Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 4
Mark Trumbo Trumbo only had an OK week, but I still can't help but wonder if he shouldn't be hitting third now instead of Pujols.
6 green arrow up+5
Last Week: 11
Chris Iannetta Turns out that sometimes good things happen when Iannetta takes the bat off his shoulder.
7 green arrow up+1
Last Week: 8
Jerome WilliamsSo excited to find out what non-sensical excuse Scioscia uses to justify returning Williams to the bullpen despite having a 2.58 ERA and five consecutive quality starts.
8 Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 5
Albert Pujols – Maybe it is time to send The Machine out to get serviced. It looks like some of his parts are in dire need of maintenance.
9 green arrow up+1
Last Week: 10
Erick Aybar – Aybar hit quite well this week, but he has walked just THREE TIMES all year. He is batting leadoff.
10 Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 7
C.J. Wilson At what point do we start talking about moving C.J. back to the bullpen to work as the closer since he hasn't exactly been living up to his billing in the rotation?
11 Red arrow down-5
Last Week: 6
Alberto Callaspo He didn't hit a lick this week, but at least he made a costly error that cost them a game.
12 — 0
Last Week: n/a
Tommy Hanson Not an inspiring return for Tommy, but I think we can cut him some slack considering the circumstances.
13 — 0
Last Week: 13
Dane De La RosaThe line looks fine for this week until you realize that DDLR has never met an inherited runner that he didn't let score.
14 — 0
Last Week: 14
Scott Downs How is it possible that Downs didn't pitch at all this week? Has Scioscia lost faith in him or is he nursing another nagging injury?
15 Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 12
Ernesto FrieriMan, if only the Angels had signed some other pitcher who could step in as closer when Frieri goes sideways.
16 — 0
Last Week: n/a
Kevin Jepsen Jepsen has looked pretty good since returning which leads me to just one conclusion: IT'S A TRAP!
17 green arrow up+1
Last Week: 18
Michael Kohn I'll give Scioscia credit for one thing with this bullpen, he really seems to be doing a great job of handling how and when he uses Kohn which is essentially as a ROOGY and strikeout specialist.
18 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 16
Robert Coello There was a debate this week about what to call Coello's special pitch. If you voted for anything other than "fuckleball," you are dead to me.
19 — 0
Last Week: 19
Garrett RichardsI think Richards is the new Kevin Jepsen. Two-thirds of the time he looks unhittable, but the other third looks like a horror movie.
20 — 0
Last Week: 20
Joe Blanton I still want Blanton gone, but he has been improving, which is a pretty good problem to have.
21 Red arrow down-12
Last Week: 9
Josh HamiltonI can tell that this back spams issue is going to be fun and totally not annoying and frustrating.
22 Red arrow down-7
Last Week: 15
J.B. Shuck  – Hurry back, Speedy Petey. Hurry back.
23 Red arrow down2
Last Week: 21
Hank Conger Did you know that Conger has started 18 games and collected a hit in 15 of those starts?
24 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 22
Brendan Harris Brendan Harris getting another start at first base fills me with rage.
25 — 0
Last Week: 25
Chris Nelson – It was awfully nice of Nelson to knocking a game-winning RBI for the Angels considering how he is probably going to get DFA'd when Bourjos comes off the DL.

Dropped from rankings: Mark Lowe (DFA'd with extreme prejudice), Billy Buckner (one night stand), Sean Burnett (fragile)

Biggest Riser: Iannetta, up five spots

Biggest Dropper: Hamilton, down 12 spots

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