Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 11

If Scioscia can shake up the lineup and the rotation, well then why can't I shake up the Power Rankings?

1 — 0
Last Week: 1
Mike TroutNow that he's back batting leadoff, maybe it will get everyone to shut the hell up about the fact that he is shifting back to left field this week.
2 green arrow up+2
Last Week: 4
Howie Kendrick – Howie hit a ridiculous .542 this week, yet I am still terrified of the Human GIDP Machine now batting in a prominent RBI slot in the order.
3 Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 2
Jered Weaver Not the greatest follow up start against the Cubs and his velocity was down a tick, but we remain optimistic about the man Jose Mota calls "The Weave."
4 green arrow up+1
Last Week: 5
Mark Trumbo Not only does Trumbo have 15 homers, but he also has 16 doubles, which is just three fewer than he had in 2012.
5 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 3
Jason Vargas Jason Vargas, I'd like to introduce you to regression to the mean. Oh! I see you two have already met.
6 green arrow up+3
Last Week: 9
Erick Aybar – Go figure that Aybar finally gets moved out of the leadoff spot and then draws two walks in three games after not walking once since May 22nd.
7 green arrow up+1
Last Week: 8
Albert Pujols – We're all in agreement that one game-winning homer is all we need to pretend like Pujols is actually going to turn his season around, right? Good. I'm glad we had this talk.
8 green arrow up+8
Last Week: 16
Kevin Jepsen Aw, crap. Here we go again. Jepsen being all great and making me think about trusting him again. I promised myself I'd never go back. I PROMISED.
9 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 7
Jerome WilliamsBest ERA in the entire rotation? BACK TO LONG RELIEF WITH YOU!
10 Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 6
Chris Iannetta Ah, I see we are back to the all-walk, no-hit version of Iannetta. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
11 green arrow up+6
Last Week: 17
Michael Kohn Kohn has been charged with one earned run since May 2nd. That is some really nice work that has gone mostly under the radar.
12 green arrow up+3
Last Week: 15
Ernesto FrieriMy ulcer has a first name. It's E-R-N-E-S-T-O. My ulcer has a second name. It's F-R-I-E-R-I.
13 green arrow up+1
Last Week: 14
Scott Downs Downs is looking more and more competent. He still is mainly a LOOGY, but a very good one. Let's hope he keeps it up long enough to get a nice return for him at the trade deadline.
14 Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 10
C.J. Wilson I've figured it out, Wilson is an anti-ace. To most, the definition of an ace is that when the team really needs a great start from a pitcher, the ace steps up and gives them that start. When Wilson is put in those situations, that, without fail, is when he is at his worst.
15 Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 11
Alberto Callaspo Callaspo isn't fielding well, but at least he isn't hitting either.
16 Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 12
Tommy Hanson He is walking a dangerous tightrope of keeping his team in the game despite a 2.00+ WHIP. It sure seems like he is bound to fall off sooner rather than later.
17 Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 13
Dane De La RosaDespite not getting called up until over a week into the season, DDLR leads all Angel relievers in innings, being routinely overworked by Scioscia and still carrying a 4.05 ERA. His reward? Demoted in favor of Brad freaking Hawpe.
18 green arrow up+3
Last Week: 21
Josh HamiltonAnytime you can move your wildly underachieving slugger into the most important spot in the batting order, you just have to do it.
19 green arrow up+4
Last Week: 23
Hank Conger With Wilson continuing to struggle, might it not be time for Scioscia to question this whole Conger as his personal catcher thing?
20 green arrow up+2
Last Week: 22
J.B. Shuck  – Thanks for filling in, Shucky Boy. Now get the hell out of the way so Bourjos can play.
21 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 19
Garrett RichardsRichards can be a great reliever if Scioscia can just find a way to never use him when there are two outs in an inning.
22 Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 18
Robert Coello Methinks the fuckleball is starting to lose its mystery and novelty. Just a hunch triggered by his 23.14 ERA last week.
23 Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 20
Joe Blanton Nice to see Blanton make such a strong showing in his last start to prove that Scioscia made the right choice in sticking with him in the rotation. In a related story, they really need to finally invent that sarcasm font.
24 — 0
Last Week: 24
Brendan Harris Well, at least he didn't have to make a start at first base this week.
25 — 0
Last Week: 25
Chris Nelson – Either Nelson or Hawpe are going to get demoted today. Honestly, I am hoping it is Nelson so his Yankee headshot will stop haunting these rankings.

Dropped from rankings: Brad Hawpe, sort of, he was never really added but he is going to get dropped next week anyway

Biggest Riser: Jepsen, up eight spots

Biggest Dropper: Iannetta, Wilson, Callaspo, De La Rosa, Hanson and Coello, down four spots each

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