Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 13

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Last Week: 1
Mike TroutHis numbers are MVP-caliber again because the guy just does everything. Everything except deliver game-winning hits in extra innings.
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Last Week: 3
Jason Vargas Vargas was making a push for an All-Star spot and a featured slot in the trade rumor mill. Instead, he gets felled by a blood clot because that is just how the Angels' season is going.
3 Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 2
Howie Kendrick – Kendrick starts getting a noticed as a potential batting title contender… promptly goes 6-for-28.
4 green arrow up+2
Last Week: 6
Albert Pujols – The Pujols revival continues, though that didn't stop the opposition from intentionally walking Trout to get to Pujols.
5 — 0
Last Week: 5
Mark Trumbo With Hamilton temporarily out of the lineup, Trumbo apparently decided he needed to step up and fill the vacated role of useless slugger, going 4-for-29 with 9 strikeouts this week.
6 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 4
Jered Weaver Yes, it is officially time to start worrying about Weaver.
7 green arrow up+8
Last Week: 15
Peter Bourjos On fire since coming off the DL, so naturally he has to go and wreck his thumb. OF COURSE!
8 green arrow up+4
Last Week: 12
C.J. Wilson Wilson seems to be on a bit of a roll now. My guess is that means his elbow will explode in 5… 4… 3…
9 green arrow up+2
Last Week: 11
Erick Aybar – He still has no business batting leadoff, but at least he finally stole his second base of the season. That's a start.
10 Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 7
Kevin Jepsen Welp, Jepsen finally found his gas can. I knew I was right about him, but I find myself wishing that I wasn't.
11 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 9
Chris Iannetta Iannetta is all peaks and valleys. He either hits .400 in a week or hits .100. There is no in-between. This was a valley week.
12 Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 8
Ernesto FrieriOnly Ernasty can end a streak of absolute domination in such a disastrous way.
13 green arrow up+6
Last Week: 19
Alberto Callaspo It didn't get much notice, but Callaspo was on fire this week, going 13-for-26. It only included one extra-base hit, but considering how poorly he had been playing, we won't complain.
14 Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 10
Michael Kohn Add Kohn to the list of Angel relievers who have started looking rather shaky this week (SPOILER ALERT: all of the Angel relievers are on that list).
15 Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 14
Jerome WilliamsWilliams got his rotation spot back, but under completely different circumstances than anyone had hoped for.
16 Red arrow down-3
Last Week: 13
Tommy Hanson Oh, Tommy. No, Tommy. No.
17 green arrow up+6
Last Week: 23
Joe Blanton Give credit where credit is due. Blanton was legitimately pretty great this week.
18 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 16
Scott Downs If Downs keeps only allowing inherited runners to score and not his own, maybe Dipoto can dupe some GM into giving up actual prospects for Downs at the deadline.
19 green arrow up+3
Last Week: 22
Dane De La RosaIt was all mop-up work, but De La Rosa pitched very well this week. With the way Scioscia has handled the pen this year that means Dane will be the top right-handed setup man within two weeks and in the minors three weeks after that.
20 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 18
Hank Conger Pay careful attention to the catching rotation. It seems Scioscia has gone away from the personal catcher model with Conger and is now starting him every third game. Maybe that is just a fluke, but it is worth monitoring.
21 Red arrow down4
Last Week: 17
Garrett RichardsOnce again, Richards falls apart with two outs.
22 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 20
Josh HamiltonA wrist injury, eh? How very convenient.
23 Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 21
J.B. Shuck  – Shuck actually did quite well with the bat this week, but he must be punished for his epic bungling in the field on Sunday.
24 — 0
Last Week: 24
Brendan Harris Brendan Harris should never be the right-handed part of any platoon, yet here we are.
25 — 0
Last Week: 25
Brad Hawpe – We have reached a bizarre place when Hawpe appears in the lineup in place of Hamilton and we don't even really blink.

Dropped from rankings: Nobody, for the first time this season, I think

Biggest Riser: Bourjos, up eight spots

Biggest Dropper: Richards, Kohn, Frieri, down four spots each

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