Halo Headlines: Angels expected to pursue David Price, MLB and NPB near new posting system agreement

The December 5th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels expected to pursue David Price, MLB and NPB near new posting system agreement and much more…

The Story: The Angels are among several teams that will make an offer for David Price at the Winter Meetings.

The Monkey Says: I've written about this quite a few times already. The Angels don't have the prospects the Rays want, it isn't going to happen. Say what you want about a package of Kendrick and Trumbo, but there is no history to indicate Friedman would trade for big league talent and salary in this scenario. He is going to go for prospects and that is it. This isn't happening. Knock it off.

The Story: MLB and NPB appear to be in agreement on a new posting system with a $20 million bid cap.

The Monkey Says: The tricky part is what happens in the event multiple teams have the same highest bid, which is going to happen with Masahiro Tanaka. Early reports indicated the team with the worst record would be awarded the player's rights, but latter reports suggest that the tied teams will just negotiate against each other. Neither scenario is good for the Angels. If the worst team gets the rights, the Cubs, Mariners or Jays are going to beat out the Angels. If it becomes a free agent bidding war, the Angels don't have the clout that the Yankees, Dodgers or Red Sox would have but they do have a puncher's chance. Basically, Tanaka isn't coming to Anaheim unless Arte Moreno decides to spend like crazy to get Tanaka. Of course, there are rumors that Tanaka's team won't even post him now as they are no longer in line to reap as big of a windfall.

The Story: Dave Hansen has been named the Angels' assistant hitting coach.

The Monkey Says: Hansen previously worked as hitting coach for the Mariners and the Dodgers before that. This is a pretty solid hire.

The Story: The Angels made a one-year contract offer to Phil Hughes.

The Monkey Says: That is what they should have offered, it isn't their fault that the Twins overpaid. However, it appears that the Angels might be misreading this pitching market a bit as they keep losing players because they aren't offering enough years. They are being sensible in doing that, but they are going to have a hard time landing the guys they want if they don't adjust.

The Story: Sean Burnett is expected to start throwing again on January 1st.

The Monkey Says: They say he is doing well, but it concerns me that he hasn't begun throwing yet. With the struggles he had rehabbing last season, we have to consider it a possibility that Burnett might not be healthy to start the season.

The Story: Mike Trout might get $338 million if he became a free agent right now.

The Monkey Says: I think that is a bit high just because there might be a natural aversion for any team to give anyone an average annual value over $35 million.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto is one of the GMs poised to make a splash at the Winter Meetings.

The Monkey Says: I don't think it is going to be a big splash, but if he doesn't do something to address the rotation by the time those meetings are over, Dipoto might make a red splash on the sidewalk after rioting Angel fans throw him off the hotel roof.

The Story: A look at how the $150+ million contracts in baseball have worked out for teams.

The Monkey Says: You probably don't need to read this to get the gist. You've seen Albert Pujols.

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