Halo Headlines: Don Baylor talks fixing Josh Hamilton, Robert Carson claimed on waivers

The October 18th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels Don Baylor talks fixing Josh Hamilton, Robert Carson claimed on waivers from the Mets and much more…

The Story: Don Baylor discuss his approach, strikeouts and Josh Hamilton.

The Monkey Says: He doesn't want to harp on whiffs, but also doesn't condone guys being OK with fanning 120+ times. He was talking about Hamilton in that context, but it is worth noting that Trout fanned 136 times last season, so he might want to backtrack on that a bit. His overall point is fine though that he just wants guys to focus on making contact and putting the ball in play.

The Story: The Angels claimed left-handed reliever Robert Carson off waivers from the Mets.

The Monkey Says: He's a lefty that throws in the mid-nineties, so he is worth a look. He is on the 40-man roster for now, but he will have a hard time holding onto that spot. He is only 24 but has not had much success in two different stints in the majors. The real issue I see is that not only are his minor league numbers not that strong, but he also hasn't had all that much success against left-handed batters. If he can't lefties out, he's pretty much useless.

The Story: Moving the immovable contracts featuring Albert Pujols.

The Monkey Says: Hamilton is generously omitted but Pujols is comically listed under "unlikely." Pujols getting his contract moved is "unlikely" in the same way it is "unlikely" that I will ever take anything Jim Bowden writes seriously.

The Story: Mike Trout hits homers very far.

The Monkey Says: Yep, he had the longest average homer distance in 2013. To think that people were worried his home run power wouldn't sustain into 2013.

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