Halo Headlines: Madson to throw a bullpen session, Blanton down to 225 pounds

The March 11th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Madson to throw a bullpen session, Blanton down to 225 pounds and much more…

The Story: Ryan Madson will throw a bullpen session on Monday and Sean Burnett could make his spring debut this week.

The Monkey Says: Great news on both fronts, assuming that both of their throwing sessions go well. It is crucial Madson get going as soon as possible so that he only has to stay on the DL the minimum number of days. The same goes for Burnett, who the team says will still be on schedule for Opening Day, but it seems like even a tiny setback could put that in jeopardy.

The Story: Joe Blanton discusses how he changed his routine to get down from 260 to 225 pounds.

The Monkey Says: I don't get these pitchers who fail to understand how being in better shape can help them be better pitchers. Let's hope it pays dividends for the newer, slimmer Blanton this year.

The Story: Mike Scioscia left the team for a few days over the weekend to tend to a death in the family.

The Monkey Says: Condolences.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto showed off the team's Bloomberg Sports Pro software at the SABR convention last week.

The Monkey Says: One thing I wish I knew was how, if at all, teams can incorporate proprietary formulas and metrics into this software platform. If, as the article suggests, a majority of teams in the league are using the software, then it really provides little competitive advantage if there is nothing proprietary about it. If anyone attended that conference and that speach, I'd love to hear more.

The Story: Bill Dwyre attended Dipoto's SABR speech and won the unofficial "Dude just doesn't get it" Award.

The Monkey Says: OK, let me be more clear. If you attended the conference and aren't an ignorant dinosaur, then I would love to hear more from you. Dwyre, him I have no use for.

The Story: Vernon Wells provides a veteran presence in his diminished role.

The Monkey Says: Diminished role, eh? I hope that's true, because he is kind of hitting the living crap out of the ball this spring and I am terrified that Peter Bourjos, who is starting to hit well, is going to end up ceding time to him as a result. That reminds me, I need to go by an industrial back of Tums from Costco, because I think I might need them if Wells is going to get semi-regular playing time.

The Story: A look at the fairness of the MLB contract renewal policy and minimum contract for pre-arbitration players.

The Monkey Says: Great stuff if you interested in this whole process and why the Angels aren't exactly in the wrong regarding how they handled Mike Trout.

The Story: A look at Mike Trout's development in as a product spokesman now that he is a rising star.

The Monkey Says: Just wait until they actually let him say more than five words in a Subway commercial. After that, sky is the limit!

The Story: Mike Scioscia applauds Mike Trout's decision to pass on playing in the World Baseball Classic.

The Monkey Says: This is the problem with doing the WBC during spring training. Players with something to prove know they need to stay in camp to further their career, while older players tend to pass because of the workload. If they did this during an extended All-Star break (like hockey does for the Winter Olympics) or right after the World Series, I bet you could get a lot more participants because the only excuse then to not play would be to nurse an injury or outright laziness.

The Story: C.J. Wilson is the bellwether player for the Angels this season.

The Monkey Says: While Brisbee seems to be uncharacteristically unaware of C.J.'s elbow problems, I think he has the right idea with Wilson being a player who the season might hinge on, though I'm not sure that it might not really be Tommy Hanson or perhaps a combination of the two.

The Story: Luis Rodriguez could take over the roster role vacated by childhood friend Maicer Izturis.

The Monkey Says: That's a cute story and all, but I have to think that if the Halos keep a glove-first infielder, it will be Romine.

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