Halo Headlines: Marlins discussed trading for Mark Trumbo, a Peter Bourjos trade idea

The November 4th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Marlins discussed trading for Mark Trumbo, a Peter Bourjos trade idea and much more…

The Story: The Marlins have discussed pursuing a trade for Mark Trumbo.

The Monkey Says: Apparently they've decided to keep GIancarlo Stanton and now want to build around him. That could be a tough match as Jacob Turner and Nathan Eovaldi aren't blowing anyone's skirts up right now. Justin Nicolino would be attractive, but he may not be close enough to big league ready for the Angels. Maybe if Turner or Eovaldi was packaged with Cishek and/or ?, then it might be worth exploring. Or this could all be bluster from the Marlins as they pretend that they are going to spend money or try to win.

The Story: A trade idea to send Peter Bourjos to the Mariners.

The Monkey Says: I think I like this deal other than Bourjos being dealt within the division. Medina is just another live arm to add to the middle relief mix, but Ramirez is a solid pick up even though he struggled last season. What makes this trade worth doing though is Edwin Diaz. He isn't an elite prospects, but he is a young guy with a big arm and a big upside. The Angels need to inject some of that into their farm system, so being able to land decent reliever, a guy who should be a good #5 and potentially a solid #3 starter plus a high ceiling prospect is a very reasonable price given the injury concerns with Bourjos. For what it is worth, I doubt this will happen. The Mariners are going to spend this winter and a center fielder is one of their many targets, so they are more likely to sign Jacoby Ellsbury or Curtis Granderson. Bourjos would only be fallback option.

The Story: A free agent preview of Jason Vargas.

The Monkey Says: I still don't like that Vargas is even a free agent for the Angels. They either should have traded him at the deadline or signed him to an extension, which Vargas himself said he was interested in. Now the Angels will probably lose him for nothing or end up not getting the hometown discount that they could have gotten had they pressed the issue on a contract extension during the season.

The Story: A winter forecast for the Angels and the rest of the AL West.

The Monkey Says: Ugh, another free agent preview linking the Angels to Ricky Nolasco. I dislike Nolasco immensely but it is starting to look like their manifest destiny.

The Story: Predicting where the top 50 free agents sign with the Angels landing Jason Vargas and Brian Wilson.

The Monkey Says: I can't say I object. While the Angels could've already locked up Vargas, perhaps their hesitance to do so was only because they didn't want to have to re-sign him unless their other plans fell through. That isn't a bad Plan C when everything is said and done. Wilson is a crazy character who annoys the hell out of me, but I actually think the Halos could use a livewire like that in what has been described as an increasingly dull and serious clubhouse. On a one-year deal, he could be a big help before he wears out his welcome.

The Story: Nick Cafardo thinks the Angels might have the inside track on a trade for David Price.

The Monkey Says: Maybe I am missing something, but I don't see it that way all. I don't know what world Cafardo lives in where the Rays will take on Kendrick's contract and bring in Trumbo right as he hits his increasingly expensive arbitration years. Don't get me wrong, I'd love the Angels to get Price, but I just don't see Tampa going to a Kendrick-Trumbo package because of the cost involved. Yes, the Angels could pay some of Kendrick's contract, but that would be difficult for them to do if they are going to avoid the luxury tax and be able to give Price a lucrative extension before he hits free agency after 2015.

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