Halo Headlines: questioning the firing of Eppard and Picciolo, Trout credits his father for his development

The October 11th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including questioning the firing of Eppard and Picciolo, Trout credits his father for his development and much more…

The Story: T.J. Simers trolls questions the firing of Jim Eppard and Rob Picciolo.

The Monkey Says:  Simers, an actual high-paid journalist, uses two people losing their livelihood to craft his little play without ever actually doing any real reporting to see if there is a reason beyond the public statement given about the firing. This is what T.J. Simers does and why I wish this piece of excrement didn't somehow leak out of the OC Register's normally ironclad paywall.

The Story: Mike Trout talks about how is father guided him to be the person he is today.

The Monkey Says: I kind of want Jeff Trout to adopt me now.

The Story: Long-time scout Jeff Schugel is leaving the Angel organization.

The Monkey Says: This seems like another issue of the new regime squeezing out members of the old guard, not that doign so is necessarily a good or bad thing. It is curious though when a guy leaves an organization while his own son is in the club's minor league system and nearing the majors.

The Story: Triple-A hitting coach Francisco Matos could be a candidate for the assistant hitting coach job.

The Monkey Says: He reportedly made a good impression when he helped out during the final weeks of the season. At 44, he is a relatively young guy, so it might be a nice addition to have a younger coach in the dugout, not that he is all that much younger than Butcher and Ebel.

The Story: What would/could teams trade for David Price?

The Monkey Says: I include this here because there is no doubt that people will try and suggest the Angels as a landing spot for Price. It isn't going to happen. Not now. Not never. Using James Shields as a frame of reference, the Halos don't have anything resembling the kind of elite prospect to headline a package for Price. That being said, it has long been thought that Trumbo going to Tampa for a lesser pitcher like Jeremy Hellickson makes a lot of sense.

The Story: The best photos from the 2013 Angels season.

The Monkey Says: I know we are supposed to appreciate the art of the photos, but I feel like the mosaic is incomplete without at least one photo of Scioscia Face.

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