Halo Headlines: speculation on Angel coaching staff vacancies, five minor league coaches fired

The October 10th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including speculation on Angel coaching staff vacancies, five minor league coaches fired and much more…

The Story: Alden Gonzalez speculates on who might fill the vacancies on the Angels' coaching staff.

The Monkey Says: I'd be surprised if Omar Vizquel didn't get appointed to some sort of role. Not that I am in the clubhouse, but it seems like this team could really use an infusion of energy on the coaching staff and Vizquel would be well-suited for that, even if he just serves as a third base coach. As for the rest of the spots, it is really just a guessing game. Hitting coach will probably be the source of much intrigue just because of the differing offensive styles that Scioscia and Dipoto appear to prefer.

The Story: Tim Salmon is likely not a coaching candidate due to his family commitments.

The Monkey Says: A lot of people are throwing out King Fish as a candidate, but it doesn't look they will be able to reel him in. See what I did there?

The Story: The Angels have not yet contacted Troy Percival about a coaching position.

The Monkey Says: And it sounds like he wouldn't listen unless it was a fairly major role. This one probably isn't happening either. I guess this front office must have the crazy idea that being a former Angel isn't a top criteria for being hired as a coach. What are they thinking?!?

The Story: Five minor league coaches in the Angel farm system have been let go, including Inland Empire manager Bill Haselman.

The Monkey Says: The 66ers had a good year, which makes some question this, but really the organization doesn't care about that so much as players actually developing. This kind of turnover is perfectly normal, but because of the drama around the Angels, it will probably be read into far too much.

The Story: Introducing the Grantland Baseball Dictionary.

The Monkey Says: Scioscia Face is now made official.

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