Halo Headlines: still no word on firing Scioscia or Dipoto, the calculus of playoff rooting interests

The October 3rd, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including still no word on firing Scioscia or Dipoto, the calculus of playoff rooting interests and much more…

The Story: The continued silence on potential firings bodes well for both Dipoto and Scioscia.

The Monkey Says: The season has been over for three days and still not even a peep on anyone's job status. Theoretically, this should be a good sign if we are to believe that months ago Moreno was ready to fire someone. However, he hasn't said nobody is getting fired either even though he knows everyone expects him to do so. That lack of declaring anyone safe could be just as damning as it suggests that maybe Moreno is just working to get his ducks in a row before announcing his decision. All I know is that last year he was very clear and out front when it came to declaring Dipoto and Scioscia safe. This year, not so much.

The Story: The calculus of playoff rooting interests.

The Monkey Says: I think this perfectly sums up why I have ended up rooting for the Rays in this post-season even though I'm pretty sure the math is supposed to wind up with me rooting for Pittsburgh. I must've forgotten to carry a one or something.

The Story: The four most disagreeable points of baseball award voting.

The Monkey Says: There seems to be enough prominent baseball writers who bemoan the commonly held precedents of the award voting, yet nothing ever seems to change. Sigh.

The Story: A toast to the Angels now that their season is over.

The Monkey Says: And by "toast" they mean "roast."

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