Local kid makes good at Angels’ expense; Halos fall 5-2

Now that the euphoria of last night's come from behid win in over, we now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast of pain and misery. Just when it looks like maybe things will start to turn around, along comes Gerrit Cole to shut the Angels down. Cole is a local kid who has all the makings of a stud pitcher and tonight he showed it. For the first six innings, the Angels could only muster a couple of singles against Cole. That, coupled with some early runs, gave the Pirates the victory. Seriously though, if the Angels season is already up in flames I might as well be happy that Pittsburgh finally seems to have a winning ball club. They have sucked for so long that they should get a taste of winning just like we used to. Lord knows we haven't seen much winning around here this year.

Angels 2 Pirates 5


Game Notes

— He didn't do much tonight with the bat but man was Mike Trout's glove on display. Check this out.Trout seeimingly finds a way to impact every game he's in. We will all look back on his time in Anaheim and feel spoiled.

— With Jason Vargas going out for what appears to be a long time, the bullpen will once again get reworked as Jerome Williams moves back into the starting rotation. Enter Billy Buckner. Are we seriously in such dire straits in the minors that this is what we have laying around for long relief. There isn't some journeyman ex-starter we can get our hands on. For the foreseeable future take this rule to heart; if Buckner is in, there will nary be an Angel win!!

Halo A Hole

Can we all agree that there is something wrong with Jered Weaver? No one goes from dominance to total sucakge this fast. Weaver's fastball is barely above a BP level in velocity and his other pitches seem to have lost there bite. If he is hurt then they should just shut him down. The season is already pretty much shot (despite my euphoria over last night I am a  pessimist at heart.). If he's not hurt, then this does not bode well for his future as our ace and makes the Grienke whiff all the more glaring. Either way, Jered was not himself again tonight and that is not something to take lightly.