Halo Headlines: Albert Pujols is in decline, Vernon Wells’ strong spring shouldn’t matter

The March 15th, 2013 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Albert Pujols is in decline, Vernon Wells' strong spring shouldn't matter and much more…

The Story: Albert Pujols' slow recovery from knee surgery shows the slugger is in decline.

The Monkey Says: There is nothing particularly new or interesting here other than Morosi obviously just felt the need to troll Angels fans.

The Story: It doesn't matter that Vernon Wells is playing well this spring.

The Monkey Says: Well, it "shouldn't" matter. My fear is that Mike Scioscia and his fetish for veterans is going to find a way to make it matter by shoehorning him into the lineup every chance he gets.

The Story: Bill Hall is getting an MRI on his injured calf.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, this isn't good. If it is that serious then there is little chance he is going to get healthy in time to make the Opening Day roster.

The Story: Who is Matt Young?

The Monkey Says: He's a guy who is having a nice spring but stands no chance of making the roster. That's who he is. Let's hope he like the greater Salt Lake City area.

The Story: Michael Kohn is hoping to win one of the final spots in the bullpen.

The Monkey Says: Except that he has gotten hammered his last two outings because he can't get his off-speed stuff to work. He even cops to it in the article and it makes plenty of sense because feel is one of the last things that comes back from TJ surgery and Kohn isn't quite at the one-year anniversary of his surgery. He could contribute at some point this season, but his recent struggles show that he still has to get back some consistency before he is ready for the majors and that is going to take a few more months most likely.

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