Mike Trout tweets his Justin Bieber fandom… sigh

After yet another embarrassing late inning, soul crushing loss to a division rival, it seemed like the Angels' season had hit a new low. Angel fans thought they couldn't be feeling any worse about their team and then something happened to prove that they hadn't reached rock bottom just yet:

And we've reached a new low. Mike Trout, the best player in baseball, a hero to thousands and a role model for a generation is apparently a Justin Bieber fan and can't wait to see him in concert this off-season. I just… I just don't even know anymore, man.

Deep down I want to believe that a teammate got a hold of his phone and decided to have some fun at Mike's expense, but the evidence suggests that the tweet was, in fact, genuine.

Using "your" instead of "you're?" Check!

Mike's trademark use of too many punctuation marks to end his tweet? Triple check!!!

The only telltale sign that isn't present is frivolous use of emoji. It also doesn't help that in past tweets Mike has demonstrated rather poor taste in music, though that usually takes the form of him showing appreciation for bad country music.

If Trout does prove to be guilty of this indefensible act, then I might be forced to reconsider my stance on the Angels doing whatever they can to sign him to a long-term contact extension.

You broke my heart, Mike Trout. You broke my heart.

Garrett Wilson

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