No lead is safe, Angels blow 5-run cushion, fall to Tribe 6-5

This is becoming like a game of Mad Libs. The Angels take an early [INSERT NUMBER OF RUNS] lead. They fail to add to that early lead. Then Scioscia leaves [NAME THE STARTING PITCHER OTHER THAN WEAVER] in for too long and he makes a big mess. After that [NAME A RELIEVER] comes in and immediately makes matters worse only to have [NAME ANOTHER RELIEVER] take over and just throw gasoline on everything.

The Angels go on to threaten in the later innings, but they never cash in. The Angels lose a close game. Sad faces are made by all. The End.

Indians 6, Angels 5

Game Notes

— I know J.C. Gutierrez has been better than expected and quickly won Scioscia's trust, but he isn't nearly impressive enough to justify pitching him three games in a row and five days out of six. That is an ABSURD workload for any reliever. Seriously, what is the point of having eight relievers if you are going to ride on mediocre one into the ground while the rest rot?

— Seeing the Angels try a bunch of steal attempts this series (most of which were successful) really had me thinking. It had me thinking WHY WEREN'T THE ANGELS DOING THIS THE WHOLE SEASON?!?!?!?!!

— It isn't Angel-related, but seeing Asdrubal Cabrera today really made me thankful that the Angels haven't let the tough times alter their attitude too much. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but after Cabrera basically handed several runs to the Angels thanks to some lazy, half-assed defense on his part he argued balls and strikes with the umpire because he was mad at himself or just plain didn't want to be there. I know people like to accuse Angel players of "not caring" and I think that is usually just BS, but Cabrera really didn't look like he cared to be playing baseball today.


Halo A-Hole of the Game

This one is on you, Big Catorce. To think that bullpen management was once considered your strong suit.

Garrett Wilson

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