Not even Weaver can pitch well; Angels fall to the Yankees, 11-3


Jered Weaver had arguably the worst outing of his career, and the Angels' offense once again crept quietly into the night on Wednesday. As is the theme in these remaining games of this, the abysmal 2013 season, the Angels did nothing well. They didn't pitch well and they didn't hit well either. 


And, as is also the theme of this year, the Angels' youngsters were the only reason to watch this game. Mike Trout, once again, got on base. His on-base-safely streak is now at 36 games.


Grant Green looked great,  gathering three singles and looking more and more of a viable Howie Kendrick replacement for 2014. 


And. Well. That's about it. Good night, Halo fans.


Yankees 11, Angels 3




Game Notes:


— Angels GM Jerry Dipoto will have his work cut out for him this offseason, acquiring young, cost-controlled starting pitching, improving a bullpen full of quad-A pitchers, and figuring out a way to re-inject life to a punchless offense. But if Jered Weaver, whose ERA ballooned to a less-than-stellar 3.49 on Wednesday, continues to gently decline, this team will be without a true ace in 2014. Yikes. Good luck, JeDi. Or, rather. May the force be with you.


— And in our nightly bullpen disaster recap, Kevin Jepsen gave up another two runs, now has a 4.41 ERA. He's no good.




Halos A-Hole of the Game



Just wasn't your night, Weave.