Not good enough; Angels fall to the Orioles, 3-2

The Angels continue to confound with their winless ways. They pitched well, they played remarkable, stunning, jaw-dropping defense, and still couldn't defeat the Baltimore Orioles. Starter Jason Vargas pitched as well as he could've. Peter Bourjos, fresh off the DL, showed just why he is in centerfield instead of Mike Trout, robbing JJ Hardy (the same guy Trout robbed last year with his famous catch) of another home run. Even Mark Trumbo, he of the awful defensive reputation, made a nice sliding grab in right field. 

What must this team do to win?

At this point, GM Jerry Dipoto must be having feelings of futility, wondering exactly what went wrong.

Just about sums it up.

Orioles 3, Angels 2


Game Notes

— One bright spot to this game was certainly the Peter Bourjos robbery. Now this is quite the doozy. Poor JJ Hardy. 

— Mike Trout hit his second home run in as many days. You know what else Trout has done in two days? Play left field. Where are all those people who think offensive performance correlates with defensive happiness, now?

— Kevin Jepsen continues to dominate out of the bullpen. Do we really trust this guy, though?

— Sean Burnett's injury woes loomed large in this game, when lefty reliever Scott Downs was summoned in the seventh to preserve a 1-1 tie. He promptly allowed all his inherited runners to score on a Nick Markakis single. The one job he has left in the bullpen (get a lefty out), he couldn't even do that.


Halos A-Hole of the Game