Offense keeps rolling as Angels win 7-3

Where has this offense been all season. Who would have thought removing Albert Pujols from the offense would spark it to a run of three straight games of big numbers? I'm sure it's a momentary thing and it will eventually correct itself but for at least the last couple of nights, it has been a frenzy of hits and runs and wins. Yes, I know, too little, too late. but it's still a welcome sight at the Big A.

Angels 7 Blue Jays 3


Game Notes

— One night after being the man, Kole Calhoun gave us a sequel performance blasting his second homer in as many nights. With each passing game, Calhoun is looking more and more like the starting left fiedler of the future and Peter Bourjos is looking like trade bait. There is just a sound when the ball hits his bat, similar in some ways to Mike Trout, that makes his plate appearances exciting to watch, no matter what he does.

— It's interesting to think that a week ago the middle infield of Howie Kendrick and Erick Aybar were almost traded. Yes it would have been the prudent thing to do, but given how important Howie is as the new cleanup hitter and Aybar has been as a bottom of the order instigator, you can only imagine how bad it would be without them. Bonus points for Howie getting the little league home run (a single and a three base error).

Halo Hero

Oh yeah, Jered Weaver is still the man. He may be a junk ball pitcher these days who rarely hits 90 on the radar gun, but the Dude can pitch. He is now the later day Greg Maddux, who is now adept at setting hitters up and thinking ahead three and four pitches with how he plans to get a guy out. It's really a remarkable conversion and may extend his career well beyong his expected shelf life. Another great what it of the the season is "What if Weaver doesn't get hurt?" You may be talking about another 4-5 wins in the books. Tonight, Weaver just did what he does, pitch well and win games.