Offensive woes return; Angels fall to the Rays, 4-1

Garrett Richards, the no. 3 starter of the Angels 2014 rotation, turned in a bad one outting on Wednesday night, and the offense failed to mount very much resistance in response. The young righthander, who had given up just two runs in his last 20 1/3 road innings, failed to pitch out of the fourth inning this time, surrendering four runs to the Rays. While Richards wasn't featuring his best stuff on Wednesday, neither was the Angels' offense, which fell back into an offensive coma, mustering a five ineffectual hits.

Angels 4, Rays 1


Game Notes

— Jerome Williams might need to remain in the bullpen from here on out. The right-hander turned in three solid innings of scoreless relief; he would make a great, lengthy arm for the 2014 staff.

— Speaking of 2014 bullpen options, here's hoping Cory Rasmus makes something out of himself. Perhaps he could end up being what the organization thought Kevin Jepsen could be. Yes, small sample alert, but Rasmus looked decent in the 9th on Wednesday night.


Halo A-Hole of the Game

Never gave his team much of a shot today.