Series Preview: Angels vs. Astros vs. Getting back in the race



FRIDAY, 9/13: Jason Vargas vs. Dallas Keuchel: Kicking them while they're down.

Dallas Keuchel is coming off one of his worst starts this season while Vargas is starting to hit a nice streak since coming off the DL. Vargas just killed Texas, so I'm guessing he can keep that magic alive against the city of Houston. Dallas' last six starts have been atrocious, with his ERA well above 5.00 in that time. While his last time out was against a contender in Oakland I don't think he'll have an easy job slipping past the Angels

SATURDAY, 9/14: Jered Weaver vs. Brett Oberholtzer: Calling our king

There's no real nice way to put this, but Oberholtzer has been an absolute monster who will likely steamroll through the Angels lineup. He's been rolling through the league his past seven starts, posting an ERA just below one during that span. Jered Weaver has been on a bit off a see-saw, though he has shown relative consistency. The Angels are going to need Jered Weaver at his absolute best if they want to pull this off. Good thing that isn't much of a tall order for the ace pitcher.

SUNDAY, 9/15: Jerome Williams vs. Paul Clemens: Better days on the horizon

Jerome Williams has been sooooooo bad this second half. He was riding a 15 game winless streak before getting two wins in a row, the last coming off of a start against the Jays. Lucky for him the Angels put up a massive amount of runs on the board for him, if not thing could have gotten out of hand fast. Clemens hasn't had too much time in the rotation to be able to make a real solid estimation of his performance, but given the Angels terrible play against the Astros a shutdown game on Clemens part might be on the horizon. Williams has been getting better as of recently, although only slightly, so this could be anyones game. Don't know how he'll fare against a pitcher name Clemens out of the Astros. That's just a recipe for disaster on the Angels part.



The index reading for this series is: False hope is true misery


The Angels are only nine and a half games back in the wildcard, which isn't really anything to get excited about. Given their play the past few weeks however and the Angels very well could put themselves back in the wildcard within the next two series. If they can continue the streak of sweeps and crucial wins they might find themselves five games back or less with a week plus to play. At most that's just false hope peeking through at the end of the season. At best though. At best the Angels poise themselves for them most interesting final week of the season in Angels history.

Which means is time to get ready to have your heart stomped on miserably.