Series Preview: Indians vs. Angels vs. Trout’s Hamstring



MONDAY, 8/19: Zach McAllister vs. Jered Weaver: The old switcheroo

For some reason McAllister and Salazar trade days in this series. No explanation has been given other than Terry Francona just felt like it. I don't know how, but I'm sure this will somehow screw the Angels in the end.

TUESDAY, 8/20: Danny Salazar vs. C.J. Wilson: Down with OPP

As in Other People's Prospects. Since the Angels forgot about cultivating a farm system, let's at least sit back, relax and try and enjoy bright young talents on other teams. This Salazar kid is supposed to be pretty good, so try and set aside your fandom to appreciate what he can do. Either that or do what you normally do when C.J. starts and fixate on his glacial pace and lack of pitch efficiency. That doesn't seem like as much fun, but I am not going to judge you for how you get your kicks.

WEDNESDAY, 8/21: Justin Masterson vs. Jerome Williams: Unofficial staff day

Do the Angel relievers get excited or upset on days that Williams starts? On one hand, they are almost assured of getting to pitch since Williams can't get through five innings. On the other hand, there is a chance they will be used in a bad situation or get asked to pitch beyond their normal means to "take one for the team" so that the bullpen doesn't get overly taxed.



The index reading for this series is: No fishing allowed

With Mike Trout nursing a hamstring injury, there is a chance he may miss at least a game in this series. It doesn't get much more miserable than that. Without Trout, there is nothing worth watching on this pile of pig excrement that Angels call a roster.


Hey! The Angels can beat these guys! Seriously, they just did it! There is hope… or at least there would be if Trout were healthy.



Have I mentioned that Mike Trout might not play all of these games? Is there really any reason to watch this series now?



The Angels can theoretically be a spoiler this series and go a long way towards knocking the Indians out of the playoff race, but that sentiment feels hollow. Maybe it has just been so long since the Angels were this horrible, but I've never understood the "playing the spoiler" role as being something worth getting into.



If the Angels lose two games this series, they will reach the 70-loss mark on the season. Coming into the season, there were plenty of people predicting they would NEVER pass that mark. Fun stuff.

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