Series Preview: Angels vs. Brewers vs. Pure Apathy




FRIDAY, 8/30: Jered Weaver vs. Wily Peralta: Easy money

Weaver is coming off one of the better starts of his season, while Peralta is having a massively underwhelming season. Peralta might fare better on the road than at home with his sub-4 road ERA, but don't let that make you think he'll be getting the better of Weaver. Weaver is probably one of the best "at-home" pitchers in baseball with the way the park compliments his wonky delivery. This'll probably be another easy win for Weaver, but I don't want to get too caught up in that since nothing has come easy for the Angels this year.

SATURDAY, 8/31: Jerome Williams vs. Marco Estrada: Dawn of the Dead

Jerome Williams has been absolutely awful in the second half of the season, pushing his ERA to a near 5. After being skipped in his last start he'll be coming out on 9 days rest, and while it would be foolish to assume this extra time off would fix any of his major problems it could have some benefits in the long run. It's hard to see a pitcher start the season off on such a high note and slowly fall from grace as the season wears on. Maybe his fatigue has gotten the better of him, and if that's the case this 9 days of rest might be big for him. Estrada has been quite fantastic since coming off a long DL trip, and in his time back he has been near-untouchable. Two wins in 4 starts with a sub-2 ERA might spell certain disaster for the Halos, especially with Williams on the mound.

SUNDAY, 9/1: C.J. Wilson vs. Kyle Lohse: The Slightly Prodigal Son

Technically Kyle Lohse was never an Angel, but he should have been. He's been having a killer season compared to the Angels pitching staff, putting an ERA just 4 points higher than the Angels best starter (Wilson's 3.36 ERA). I wonder where the Angels would be with him now, just thinking of all those wins we get from replacing Blanton with Lohse is torture. Everyone cried at losing a draft pick over signing Lohse, yet here we are now. I can only hope that C.J can keep his pitch count down in order to give the Angels a shot at victory, if the 'pen is forced to come in early this will turn into a game we're all too familiar with seeing.



The index reading for this series is: past the point of total pain into total apathy.[FINAL-A]B.jpg

Does anyone even care anymore? Does it really matter? Does any of this matter? 

We're all past the point of caring about this season and are really just using this time to evaluate the future of the Angels and the possibilities of success. I still happen to think things will look much better for the Angels in 2014, but I might be in the minority there. I wish I could remember what it was like to feel nice feels about the Angels.


The Brewers are having just as lackluster of a season as we are, even with their mighty god Segura. Oh yeah, we're going to get to see Jean Segura once more! It'll be nice seeing the kid back home, even if we are all bitter over his forced departure. 



Oh yeah, we have to see Jean Segura. With our luck he'll probably destroy the Angels this series with plays in the batters box and on the field. I'm just prepared for the worst of the worst, and that involves Segura embarrassing the hell out of the Angels



Don't worry guys, it's only a few more weeks until the season is over, then we can enjoy living the rest of our lives relatively pain free, at least until the next season.



I miss winning. I miss it so much I want the Angels to lose every game for the rest of the season so we could get a monster draft pick and never have to lose another game for the rest of our lives ever again.

This team is really good at turning it's fanbase into delusional twits.