Series Preview: Angels vs. Blue Jays vs. Commiserable



TUESDAY, 9/10: Jerome Williams vs. Mark Buehrle: At least it will be over quickly

Angel games have been miserably long lately. Having Buehrle on the mound should help fix that though as he works quicker than most pitchers. Williams isn't all that fast, but odds are he won't last long in the game anyway. Maybe we can finally get a game that finishes in less than three hours with this one.

WEDNESDAY, 9/11: C.J. Wilson vs. R.A. Dickey: So many initials!

FYI, it is C.J. vs. R.A. ASAP. LOL. Surely J.B. Shuck, J.C. Gutierrez and J.P Arencibia will factor heavily into the outcome here. J/K. GTFO.

THURSDAY, 9/12: Garrett Richards  vs. J.A. Happ: Earning it

Word came out yesterday that Jerry Dipoto has officially declared Richards a member of the 2014 rotation (assuming Dipoto is still around in 2014 to enforce that decision). My wonder is how Richards will react to that? The pressure is now kind of off for him to prove himself thanks to that declaration. I don't pretend to know about Garrett's motivation or attitude, but there are players out there that might ease off the gas pedal a bit after finding out that they achieved their goal.



The index reading for this series is: Misery loves company

Hey, look! The Angels entered the season with high expectations and now they suck. The Blue Jays entered the season with high expectations and now they suck. We should be friends!

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