Series Preview: Twins vs. Angels vs. Letdown



MONDAY, 7/22: Joe Blanton vs. Kyle Gibson: Finally, someone with a worse ERA than Blanton.

But seriously…  Gibson is actually a high profile prospects who has only made four starts. In other words, he has an excuse. Blanton, not so much. Well, actually he might if it turns out he hurt his hand pummeling that Gatorade cooler.

TUESDAY, 7/23: Tommy Hanson vs. Samuel Deduno: He's back! That's good, right?

But seriously…  it is good that Hanson is back, but mostly just because the Angels need a fifth starter. Hanson has had his moments, but he also keeps getting hurt. Who knows what kind of shape he is really in now or how long he can stay in that shape.

WEDNESDAY, 7/24: Jered Weaver vs. Mike Pelfrey: What could go wrong?

But seriously…  this series could go horribly awry with Blanton and Hanson pitching the first two games, but Weaver has to be there to stop a potential soul-crushing sweep, right? Pelfrey is terrible and Weaver is great. It couldn't possibly go wrong. So why can't I shake the feeling that is going to end very badly?



This is a new feature in this still kind-of-new face. I call it the "False Hope Index" which will measure where our emotions lie as we cling to notion that this Angel team can still make the playoffs.

Today's index reading is: Evil Monkey. We realize that the Angels probably don't have much of a chance at the post-season as of right now, yet they are in a stretch of schedule where if they got hot they could work their way back into contention. We know that it probably won't happen, but are still hoping anyway. This internal conflict has made us angry and wanting to lash out in evil ways.



We get to see the Minnesota's road uniforms and they are kind of terrific.



Joe Blanton is still in the rotation despite the fact that he is clearly going the wrong way again after he had been progressing for a few week in June. If he can't pitch decently well against a limp lineup like the Twins, there really is no justification for him staying in the rotation on a team that fancies themselves as still being in the playoff race.



Despite me being of the opinion that the Angels should not buy at the deadline and that nobody should overpay for relievers, I can't help but daydream about the Angels making a deal to land closer Glen Perkins and OF/C/1B/DH Ryan Doumit. That deal would really help the bullpen and beef up the bench and I kind of love it even though it goes against everything I stand for.



I assume we are all hip to this by now, but this series has letdown written all over it. Much like their series sweep embarrassments at the hands of the Astros and Mariners, the Angels have momentum on their side and are getting dangerously close to breaching the .500 mark. They also have their minds set on making up ground in the division and Wild Card race. Having just won a series against Oakland and with series against Oakland and Texas up next, it is a virtual given that they are going fall into the trap of overlooking the Twins. This can't possibly end well.

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