Series Preview: Rays vs. Angels vs. Coming Home



MONDAY, 9/2: Chris Archer vs. Garrett Richards: Do-over

Umm, yeah, we already saw this one. It happened just last week, It didn't go well for Richards and went very well for Archer. It was the only game the Angels lost during their whole road trip. This is their chance to atone for all of that. They probably won't, but at least they get a crack at it.

TUESDAY, 9/3: Matt Moore vs. Jason Vargas: I'm still here

There was an outside chance Jason Vargas was going to get traded in the flurry of moves that went down during the last two days of August since we never got confirmation of him passing through waivers, but now that he officially didn't the Angels can go about trying to re-sign him or they can begin the process of failing to re-sign him so that they can look like morons for not getting anything for him before he walks away for free this off-season.

WEDNESDAY, 9/4: Jered Weaver vs. Toobie Determined: Not quite ready for primetime players

ESPN has to be overjoyed with this national booking. They get to show a good Rays team play a down and out Angels team. While ESPN at least gets to show off Weaver, the Rays haven't even announced a starter yet, which is never promising.

THURSDAY, 9/5: David Price vs. Jerome Williams: Not so lucky this time

The Angels were supposed to get stuck facing Price last week, but he got bumped back a day for some reason. I suppose that is a possibility this time too given the rotation uncertainty, but it isn't likely. To make matters worse, he would face Jerome Williams who exactly zero people really believe has turned his season around.



The index reading for this series is: Home not so sweet home

So the Angels are coming off of a terrific road trip that gave them a bunch of meaningless wins. One would think that returning home on a hot streak would allow them to rack up even more meaningless wins. Alas, the Halos are actually even worse at home than the road, which is a real testament to how bad they are. For those of us actually enjoying watching the Angels not play like garbage, this return home can only be considered a bad thing instead of the good thing it should be.

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