Series Preview: Rangers vs. Angels vs. Zero Percent



MONDAY, 8/5: Jerome Williams vs. Martin Perez: Do I really have to watch?

Seriously, I've got recap duty tonight and I am tempted to write it in advance. Williams is probably going to struggle to make it through five innings and the Angels will get shutdown by Perez because they inexplicably can't hit lefties despite all their best hitters being right-handed.

TUESDAY, 8/6: Garrett Richards vs. Yu Darvish: Survive the night.

Here is a weird thing with Richards. In 2011, he got a shot at the rotation but lost it after he pitched poorly and got hurt against Texas. Then in 2012 he got another shot, but he lost it after he pitched poorly against Texas. Now he is getting another shot and is facing Texas. Hopefully he can survive this start and not prompt Scioscia to yank him from the rotation yet again.

WEDNESDAY, 8/7: Tommy Hanson vs. Alexi Ogando: Love me non-tender.

I had such high hopes for Tommy Hanson after he flashed that increased velocity after he game back from the DL. Not only has he already lost some of that velocity again, but he hasn't been nearly as effective. He still has several weeks left, but if he doesn't start showing something soon, the Angels won't have much choice but to non-tender him this winter.



The index reading for this series is: Monkey on a tombstone

At some point in this series, the Angels' playoff odds are likely to hit zero percent. Not that anyone with full control of their mental faculties still thought the Halos could reach the post-season, but this is the series where it becomes all but official. So, for all intents and purposes, this season that has been on life support for weeks is almost certain to be declared deceased at long last.


The Rangers can't hit any walk-off homers this series. What a relief!



The Angels still have the same relievers, so there is no such thing as a safe lead in this game.



Nelson Cruz has accepted his Biogenesis suspension. If the Halos were in the race, I'd be celebrating this, but at this point, I just want this whole mess to be put behind us. The PED hysteria just wears me out. I mean, there is a little bit of me that wants to scream I told you so, but it seems to be in poor taste since there is like a 95% chance that there is a player on the Angels right now that is currently or has in the past used PEDs. That isn't inside information, it is just probability given the level of use throughout the league.



We all love making fun of Mike Scioscia's lineups, but it really is time to just let it go. First off, he isn't doing anything too egregious, so the level of outrage is definitely disproportionate (and I am guilty of this myself). More to the point though is that Scioscia is now faced with the task of evaluating young talent. This is why we are still being subjected to Collin Cowgill and Tommy Field on a semi-regular basis. Besides, if you think this is bad, just wait until September when all the call-ups arrive and he has to try and work all those kids in.

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