Staff Day, Bad Day; Angels fall to the Rangers, 11-3

The Angels actually aren't terrible. A game like this one, an 11-3 laugher at the hands of the Rangers, would normally indicate that the losing team is not a particularly good one. But, injuries.

As Michael Roth, a college pitcher less than a year ago, valiantly navigated through 3 spotless innings before finally tiring, it became painfully clear just how stricken by injuries this Halos ballclub has been. The big bullpen pieces this offseason, Ryan Madson and Sean Burnett, have both been nicked and hurt here and there. Madson has yet to throw to an in-game pitch. Fellow reliever Kevin Jepsen has been plagued with a strained triceps. Another bullpen piece, Mark Lowe, is out with a strained neck. Shortstop Erick Aybar has a heel contusion. Third baseman Alberto Callaspo's right caf has been as tight as a yoyo.

And the biggest guns have also been bitten by the injury bug. Ace Jered Weaver freakily shattered his left elbow. Albert Pujols is dealing with plantar fascitis, which is as painful as it sounds.

When viewed in that light, the fact this squad has mustered an 8-12 record can seem a little miraculous. So, Mike Scioscia's limited bullpen "staff day" today was a disaster. Did anyone honestly expect Michael Roth to dominate this potent Ranger lineup? The bullpen is taxed heavily. When pitchers are tired, they pitch badly. The Angels entire pitching staff was and is tired. So they pitched badly.

Here's to a new day tomorrow, eh folks?

Rangers 11, Angels 3

Game Notes

— I suppose one of the more interesting late-game plotlines was whether Mike Scioscia would give in to the fun and put a position player on the mound. The favorites were Mark Trumbo, who pitched in highschool, or JB Shuck. Of course, Scioscia opted to keep things un-fun. Scioscia's gonna sosh.

— Um. Yeah. I've got nothing else.

Halos A-Hole of the Game

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