The Angels fail to make the most of their golden opportunity

At eight games under .500 and in third place in the AL West the Angel season is all but over. They won't admit that however. They probably think they can get hot again like they did after their slow start last season and maybe grab a Wild Card spot.

Maybe they're right. Maybe they can pull it off. Nobody can really say for sure what with us not being able to predict the future thanks to science's inability to deliver on the promises of all the sci-fi films I watched growing up. I WANT MY HOVER SKATEBOARD, DAMMIT!

What we do know is that if the Halos do end up making a playoff run, they are going to do it with an incredibly high degree of difficulty thanks to their inability to take advantage of their schedule. As we discussed a little over a month ago, the Halos had a stretch of 29 consecutive games against teams with losing records. That is a whole lot of lousy opponents. Unfortunately, the Angels didn't register a whole lot of wins as they managed to go only 15-14 which is tantamount to flushing that gift from the schedule makers down the toilet.

No, if the Angels are going to do this, they are going to do it the hard way. They have 102 games to make up 8.5 games in the Wild Card standing with at least five teams to leap frog in the process. But that isn't even the hard part. After the gift the schedule makers gave the Angels in the month of May, the rest of the season is a lot more like a lump of coal. Of those 102 games left only 38 come against teams that are currently under .500.

So, tell me then, where is it the Angels are supposed to make up all of this ground on those other five Wild Card teams or the two teams in front of them in the AL West?

Garrett Wilson

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