The defense rests; Angels fall to Rangers 7-4

If that wasn't a microcosm of the 2013 Angels' season, then I don't know what would be. At least this season ends tomorrow and we can all start the rampant speculation about who will be fired and who will be traded. This year has been one giant misstep from the outset and there are no innocents here. The fault extends to the entire team. Poor signings and a miguided faith in injury prone players. Hitters who stuggled to hit. Pitchers who couldn't control their pitches. Fielders who at times seemed allergic to the baseball.

Just a massive stumble fromt the first out to the last. Thank god it all ends tomorrow.

Angels 4 Rangers 7


Game Notes

— I missed the first part of the game since they changed the game time to avoid the Noah sized flood headed into Arlington. But what I did catch on the radio was a the bad news bears level of defense played today. A season high five errors led to a big second inning for the Rangers and that was that.

— Random Note: I hate the Rangers Red jerseys. Everyone knows the Rangers adopted those a year after the Angels out a clear spite for the Halos. Just a observation.

— Garrett Richards pitched poorly today but still enters next season as a clear cut member of the staff. Hopefully this securiy will lead to a better overall campaign next year.

— I was glad to see Josh Hamilton get a hit today and ince ever closer to .250. Sure that is a universe from where we would like him to be but at least he seems to be ending on a comfortable note.

Halo A Hole

I hang this AHole on the whole team. This season sucked and you are all to blame. None of you are exempt from my wrath. Yuo are all responsible for me wasting so much of my time this year. I'm seriously questionning giving up on baseball altogther after this miserable viewing experience.

What's that you say…Mike Trout for another season. The return of a healthy Albert Pujols.

4 Months till Spring training?

Sign me up for the 2014 Los Angeles Angels season.

(note: I'm done for the season. Hope you all have enjoyed my ranting and raving. The offseason should be an interesting one with lots to cover. Until then. Keep the faith Halo Fans!)