Unwatchable Angels lose to Cleveland, 5-2

Yep, the Angels lost again. Nope, I didn't watch.

This team has been hard enough to stomach the last few weeks, so I wasn't about to subject myself to three and a half hours of torture when I know full well that Mike Trout won't be involved in the night's festivities. So, instead of faking a recap like I actually did watch the game, I'm just going to review what I did watch instead.

American Pickers

I have never watched this show before, but for some reason my wife decided to turn it on tonight. As far as I can tell it is a show about two hoarders who try to buy rusty stuff on the cheap from other hoarders so that they can then sell it at a more extensive price to other hoarders. There was nothing redeemable about this show, yet it was still more compelling than watching Chris Nelson do anything involved with the Halos.

Talking Bad

I dug into my DVR to watch the Breaking Bad aftershow. This is another show that has very little going for it other than being about a great show. Really the only reason to watch it is to remind yourself of what it feels like to watch Breaking Bad. It is kind of like watching DVDs of the 2002 championship season to remind yourself of what it is like to watch an Angel team that isn't totally incompetent in every phase of the game.


This was easily the highlight of my night because I have always been a sucker for westerns and this show is the closest thing to a good on TV. Well, there is Hell on Wheels, but that show is just a bunch of people who are far too good looking for that era brooding next to one another while some boring plot unfolds around them. It helps that Katee Sackhoff is on Longmire and I've had a thing for her going back to Battlestar Galactica. My only complaint would be that the main character is supposed to be a Wyoming sheriff, only the actor is from Australia and every once in awhile his Aussie accent slips in and it really bumps you.

Tune in next week to see what from my Netflix queue I decide to watch instead of this crappy Angel team!

(SPOILER ALERT: I just started watching Game of Thrones)

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