Vargas, offense fade; Angels fall the Rays, 7-1


Last night, the Ray's Chris Archer fell apart against an Angels team that he absolutely dominated the week before. Tonight, it was Jason Vargas' turn to do the ol' switcheroo. A week after holding the Rays to just two hits in 7 innings, the Angels lefty struggle mightily with command, surrendering 10 hits and five runs before mercifully being yanked for a bullpen that didn't do much better.


Meanwhile, the offense predictably faltered against Rays left Matt Moore. One need not point to anything else, other than the fact that Erick Aybar is the no. 5 hitter in the batting order. 


Rays 7, Angels 1




Game Notes


— Mark Trumbo is a fan favorite. He is valued highly for his rare power. But after going 0-4 with two more strike outs on Tuesday, his season average is now at .235. That is .001 lower than Josh Hamilton's seasonal average. That is nuts.


— Joe Blanton walked four batters in 3.1 innings. He is a terrible major league pitcher. Side note: I'm a big believer in GM Jerry Dipoto. I believe he's done a decent job and run into some bad luck with his high-risk moves. But if he loses his job this winter, Blanton will be the reason why. Absolutely horrible, horrible move, and there is no justifying this one.




Halos A-Hole of the Game



Rough game for Vargas. If nothing else, maybe it gives the Angels ever so slightly more leverage in contract negotiations with the lefty this winter.