VIDEO: Superman is back! Mike Trout hits for the cycle

On the list of accomplishments that the multi-talented Mike Trout might someday complete, hitting for the cycle seemed inevitable. With his blend of speed and power, it was a question of if, not when. Well, the we just got the answer to the "when" as Trout just became the third youngest player ever to hit for the cycle as the Angels thrashed the Mariners.

So, I guess this means we get to fire up the Trout vs. Cabrera debate all over again, right? I'm kidding, obviously. Seriously, please don't do that. What you can do is realize that this is just another sign of how great Trout is. Sure, the cycle is wildly overrated and really more of a statistical anomaly than a feat indicative of greatness, but it still holds a special place in the hearts of baseball fans because of the variety of skills one must possess to achieve it. We already knew Trout possessed those skills, but I'll be damned if it wasn't fun to watch him put them on display like he did tonight.

Here is the homer that completed the cycle for him, for your viewing enjoyment:

All I know is that the fans sitting above the right center field wall where his cycle-clinching homer landed have to feel like real buffoons for letting the ball hit them right in the hands only to fall harmlessly to the center field track. That would've been one hell of a souvenir.

Garrett Wilson

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