Weaver beats the heat but Frieri implodes, Angels lose to Texas 4-3

Jered Weaver finally figured out a way to pitch well in the Texas heat and it all went to waste. Jered was every bit the ace that Texas had hoped Matt Garza would be for them. Even with the Angels playoff hopes long since stamped out in the dirt, having Weaver outduel Garza would've been a nice bit of consolation, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Well, technically speaking, Weaver did outduel Garza, but the Angels still managed to screw it up. First it was Hank Conger's throwing issues resurfacing with a costly error that allowed the Rangers to get on the board. Then it was Ernesto Frieri coming through with the most inevitable blown save of all time.

To think that some believe the Angels aren't going to make any other trades besides the minor Downs deal really places a lot more faith in this team being closer to a contender than they really are.

Rangers 4, Angels 3

Game Notes

— J.B. Shuck hit a home run. I don't think anyone fully grasps how amazing that is. He has hit just seven homers in his entire career and by that I mean in his minor league career. How the Angels can still lose after such divine intervention is beyond me. Oh, wait, no its not. This bullpen still isn't very good.

— Honestly, who didn't see that Frieri blown save coming? He has been spotty at best over the last few weeks and has for some reason always struggled against the Rangers. It was going to happen, the only question was how. What we didn't see coming was ErnestNOOOO giving up a game-tying homer to Pierzynski and then the game-winning homer to Geovany Soto. Has any team ever lost before when the opposing team's catchers both homered to tie and win the game?

— Not gonna lie, I was pretty happy for Josh when he came through with the two-run single. Those Texas fans refuse to get off his back, so maybe it will spark him a bit to have come up with a big hit in front of them. Or not. Yeah, probably not.


Halo A-Hole of the Game

Elite closers don't give up eight homers before the end of July.

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