Well then….this is awkward; Angels drop heartbreaker to A’s 6-10

This was one of those games that define a season, just when the Angels look like they're hot and unstoppable they hit a brick wall, hard. The Angels jumped to a quick 5-0 lead by the 2nd inning, Hanson wasn't looking nearly as implosive as usual and the hitting was red hot. Nothing could stop these guys. No one.

Except themselves that is.

Inept pitching by Tommy Hanson led to the A's tying the game by the 3rd inning before eventually snapping victory away from the bullpen.

Good thing we'll be able to net some sweet prospects this deadline, right guys?

Athletics 10 Angels 6

Game Notes

— This game looked done after Kendrick, Trumbo, and Callaspo came up with early RBI's. The ice cold Kendrick finally smashed through with with a big 2 RBI single, thus "reestablishing" his trade value in some way. Yes I said trade value, I've stressed this before and I'll stress this again. Kendrick has more value and is easier to replace as opposed to Erick Aybar, who is pretty much guaranteed a starting spot due to the terrible depth in the organization. The Angels are practically out of the race, and if they make a final miraculous push you can bet it won't be because of Kendrick.  Aybar was easily the hottest hitter of the day, coming away with 2 hits and 2 walks with an RBI. Seems like Angels should be winning games like that now that I mention it.

— Tommy Hanson is just Joe Blanton with a red beard, often pitching no more than 5 innings while giving up just as many runs. Occasionally he can come up with a hot start, but those a looking few and far between. Funny enough Joe Blanton was the only reliever not to give up a run, with Angels newbie J.C Gutierrez giving up 4 runs in 0.2 IP and Jepsen allowing just one. Theres not much to say about this bullpen, except that it's clear most of the time they are prepared to face a serious team like the A's. That's probably why they won't be making a playoff push, because the pitching can't face up to the challenge most of the time.

— This is a soul draining game to write about, just as this season has been thus far for the Angels. Scratch that, the past season and a half for the Angels. Maybe I don't feel anything because I'm used to it, but I'm really looking forward to a successful trade deadline this season. Hopefully far, far more successful than last.

Halo A-Hole



You'd have to think that this game would had been won had Wilson or Weaver been pitching…

It's sad that our season has come to that level of thinking.