Who are these guys? Angels win again 5-1

Look, we all know the season is over. The tweets have become less and less during ballgames. The TV broadcast has taken to interviewing random fans (some of who are clearly drunk at the time). There is a good chance even the most die hard of fans can't name half of the starting line-up, but they do still keep playing games. After a wretched stretch of baseball the last couple of weeks it was nice to see the Angels play a compete game and get a series win in the process. It certainly is more fun to watch, that's for sure.

Angels 5 Mariners 1


Game Notes

— Jason Vargas walked a tightrope all night. He only gave up one run, but had runners on base almost every inning. Vargas' future with the team has been very much in doubt, but I for one would hold on to him. He is certainly better than some of the other options and as a fifth starter next year, he would be a nice piece of the rotation.

— Meanwhile in the land of the bullpen of perpetual sorrow, Buddy Boshers has emerged as the newest arm of interest. I can't say he is any good, but he is definetly getting his shot. I always enjoy these types of things. It's great to see a kid at least get a cup of coffee with the big club. At the very least, he will have a story to tell his grandkids.

— It's was just nice to see the offense bunch some hits together and look like they were genuinely interested in winning the game. I can also say that Grant Green will never be boring. Couple of hits and some adventurous fielding make Green the player to watch down the stretch. He obviously has athletic ability, but I'm not sure he can put it all together.

— Not to totally anger the boss here at MWAH, but do you realize that the second highest batting average in the starting line-up belongs to JB Shuck? That should tell you what a ClusterShuck this season has been!

Halo Hero

I know he went 1-5. But his one was a two run bomb that put the Angels on the path to victory. And besides, Mike Trout is really the only reason to suffer these games so that makes him a hero on any day.