Worst team in baseball loses to the second worst team; Angels fall to the Astros, 3-1

Another ho-hum game. Another terrible showing from what has become a laughing stock of a baseball team. How many more ways can a blogger write about this flaming pile of hot garbage that is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim?

Let's see. They have lost two in a row to the Astros, the purportedly worst team in all of Major League Baseball. Joe Blanton did his best to keep the team in the game. The offense decided not to show up, once again. Not a surprise.

What IS a surprise, however, is that Josh Hamilton hit a home run. No, that is not a typo. After briefly falling under the dreaded Mendoza .200 average line during the game, the beleaguered slugger launched an opposite field home run. Josh Hamilton supplied all of the Angels' offense. This is not good.

Astros 3, Angels 1


Game Notes

— Joe Blanton, as bad as he has been this season, is finally becoming the innings eater Jerry Dipoto signed him to be. He has delivered his third quality start in a row. Too bad the offense has decided to take its collective naptime every time this happens.

— The Angels are now just 1 1/2 games from becoming the worst team (by record) in major league baseball. A glance at the team that has shown up in Houston this series would cause some to believe that they already are the worst team in major league baseball.

Halos A-Hole of the Game

This situation has become so very sad; who is there to blame in a game like this?