A look Back – 2010 Angels top prospect rankings

Memories!  The year was 2010, Bruno Mars Loved You Just the Way You Are and Toy Story 3 brought tears to the eyes of every twenty-something that grew up on Tom Hanks and Tim Allen voicing Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  For the Angels minor league system, it was neither.  They were regarded as a middle of the pack farm-system, highlighted by the 53rd best prospect in the minors, Mike Trout.  I had not yet began writing for MWAH, but I still dabbled in scouting and prospect rankings for the fun of it.  Let’s take a look back and what was to come.

The Top Ten

1. CF Mike Trout – Mike Trout was compared to a young Derek JeterJacoby Ellsbury hybrid.  What I didn’t realize, there wasn’t a comp alive that could’ve done Mike Trout justice.

2. C Hank Conger – “An average defensive catcher with an above average bat.”  I’d say we had him pegged.

3. RHP Tyler Chatwood – “Front/middle of the rotation starter like Roy Oswalt or set up man in the mold of a young Scot Shields.”  Chatwood lived up to that billing upon his arrival in Colorado, though we’ll see if he can continue such success.

4. RHP Garrett Richards – “An extremely talented starter that’s always on the cusp of greatness like Javier Vazquez or AJ Burnett.”  That’s about as solid of a comp as you could get.  Both are/were all-star caliber pitchers and that’s what we’re seeing Richards grow into.

5. 1B Mark Trumbo – “A high K, decent average, high HR hitter that plays multiple positions, like Josh Willingham.”  When healthy, Willingham averages .260 and 28 HR’s per 162 games.  Mark Trumbo, .250 and 34 HR per 162.

6. 2B Alexi Amarista – “A gritty, top or bottom of the order 2B that makes plays, hits for moderate average, and SB with decent OBP.  Dustin Pedroia with less pop or a Luis Castillo in his 20’s.”  Amarista hasn’t received the playing time to make good on this statement, though he has carved out a nice role for himself in San Diego.  He’s logged starts at 3B, SS, 2B and CF this season for the Padres.

7. 2B  Jean Segura – “Is making the switch to SS next season.  If successful, he should not only climb the minor league ladder, but also climb the top prospect list as well.”  I foresaw Segura topping prospect lists later in his career, but I also made the comp of “Alberto Callaspo, but with more speed”.

8. LHP Trevor Reckling – “An effective lefty that gets by because of deception and great curve/change combo.  Joe Saunders with less control but better stuff.” – Damn shame.  The wheels fell off that one.

9. OF Randal Grichuk – “Athletic corner OF that is mainly a power threat but can also hit for average and swipe a couple bags.  In the Andre Ethier or Ryan Braun mold.”   I correctly predicted Grichuk’s breakout campaign in Advanced A Ball.  While Andre Ethier is a solid comp and is still in play at this point, it remains highly doubtful Grichuk lives up to Ryan Braun’s status.

10. RHP Fabio Martinez – “Martinez can either walk a dozen batters and give up 10 runs or no-hit you for 9 innings and fan 15.  If he stays a starter, Ervin Santana, if he goes to the pen, Kevin Jepsen.”  After being released by the Angels, Martinez eventually caught on with the Dodgers, but is still in A Ball pulling the same Jekyll and Hyde Act.

The Rest

11. 3B Luis Jimenez

12. 3B Kaleb Cowart

13. RHP Jeremy Berg

14. RHP Steven Geltz

15. OF Roberto Lopez

16. OF Chris Pettit

17. OF Tyson Auer

18. 1B Dillon Baird

19. 2B Taylor Lindsey

20. SS Andrew Romine

Lucho drew Jorge Cantu comparisons, Cowart ended up on the 2013 Top 100 prospect list, while Berg, Geltz, Lopez and Pettit are still biding their time in the minors.  Auer no longer plays baseball and lives in Miami and Baird is a Wedding Videographer and Snowboard instructor.  Taylor Lindsey is currently the Angels top prospect and is in AA while Andrew Romine is a backup SS for the Detroit Tigers.Fa

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