Angels Player Power Rankings – Opening Day 2014 Edition

The season is set to begin and with that our Player Power Rankings return! I know how much you have all missed the completely arbitrary rankings and the pithy comments that accompany them, so let’s just get right to it.

1-- 0
Last Year: 1
Mike Trout - $144.5 million contract, unanimous choice to win AL MVP, savior of the franchise. No pressure or anything, Mike.
2green arrow up+10
Last Year: 12
Albert Pujols - The Machine got sent out for repairs, now let's hope that hope that the mechanics fixed him up good as new.
3-- 0
Last Year: 3
Jered Weaver - I'm not so sure that he is actually an ace anymore, but he still holds the title belt... for now. As such, he gets the commensurate boost up the power rankings. Let's hope his velocity gets a boost too so he can stay here.
4Red arrow down-2
Last Year: 2
C.J. Wilson - C.J. was the best pitcher on the Angels last year, but he gets bumped down the list for no reason other than seniority. That and as a penalty for all those shampoo commercials last season.
5green arrow up+10
Last Year: 15
Kole Calhoun -I don't care if this seems too high, I'm all in on Kole Calhoun this season. I don't know if he'll be an All-Star, but he should be an integral part of what could be the league's best offense.
6Red arrow down-2
Last Year: 4
Howie Kendrick - As much as we assumed Howie was going to get traded this winter, it is just as good to see that he is still here.
7green arrow up+2
Last Year: 9
Josh Hamilton - This is definitely a hedged ranking. On talent and salary, he should be much higher. On last year's performance, he should be much lower. I'm sure he'll move up or down very quickly.
8-- 0
Last Week: n/a
Hector Santiago - I'd feel a lot better about Santiago serving as the #3 starter if he had a full year of being a starting pitcher under his belt at any level as a professional. Well, that and the huge gap between his ERA and FIP.
9green arrow up+1
Last Week: 10
Ernesto Frieri - Another season with Frieri as closer means it is time for me to head to Costco for an industrial pack of Tums.
10green arrow up+1
Last Week: 11
Erick Aybar - This is the year I vow to more fully appreciate Aybar. No longer having him at the top of the order should really help with that.
11-- 0
Last Year: n/a
David Freese- I can see Freese moving up these rankings several spots, but I'm taking a wait and see approach with his wonky back.
12Red arrow down-7
Last Year: 5
Garrett Richards - I think the most damning statement of the 2013 Angels is that I somehow had Richards finishing as #5 in these rankings at the end of last season.
13-- 0
Last Year: n/a
Joe Smith - I've wanted the Angels to have a sidearmer/submariner in the bullpen for so long that I almost ranked Smith much higher purely due to wish fulfillment.
14green arrow up+3
Last Year: 17
Chris Iannetta - Did Iannetta get his boost up the rankings entirely because he started wearing contact lenses to correct his very minor vision issues? You bet he did.
15-- 0
Last Year: n/a
Raul Ibanez - As you know from the projections, I think Ibanez is going to tank this season. However, I learned to respect my elders, so I can't rank Ibanez any lower than this.
16-- 0
Last Year: n/a
Tyler Skaggs - On the flip side, I expect big things from Skaggs this year, but he's going to have to earn his higher ranking.
17green arrow up+1
Last Year: 18
Hank Conger - Conger framed his way into our hearts last season, now let's hope he can slug his way up the rankings and, more importantly, into more playing time.
18-- 0
Last Year: n/a
Fernando Salas - Salas had a completely unassuming training camp after having an unassuming career, but Albert Pujols vouches for him, so that has to count for something, right? Right? Where'd everyone go?
19green arrow up+13
Last Year: 32
Kevin Jepsen - Trust me. I tried to rank him lower but he somehow backed into a prominent bullpen role once again, so I'm stuck with him in this spot.
20-- 0
Last Year: n/a
John McDonald> - McDonald may not actually be any good at baseball anymore, but as long as he does whatever it is he does to create that magical team chemistry, he's OK by me.
21green arrow up+9
Last Year: 30
Michael Kohn - Part of me wonders if Kohn just made the roster so that Frieri doesn't feel quite as bad about all the home runs he allows.
22green arrow up+2
Last Year: 24
Collin Cowgill - Hooray! I'm so happy that Collin "Not J.B. Shuck" Cowgill made the Opening Day roster.
23-- 0
Last Year: n/a
Ian Stewart -
Stewart gets tabbed as this year's official Dipoto reclamation project. Let's hope he works out better than Tommy Hanson, Brendan Harris and Jason Isringhausen. (SPOILER ALERT: He probably won't)
24green arrow up+18
Last Year: 42
Nick Maronde - I really like Maronde as a prospect still, but let's be honest, he didn't earn his roster spot so much as got lucky to be the only healthy left-hander left standing at the and of camp.
25green arrow up+11
Last Year: 36
Matt Shoemaker - Shoemaker probably isn't long for the active roster, but at least he get to enjoy his lustrous black beard for a week or so.

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