Angels Player Power Rankings – Week 6

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Last Week: 1
Mike Trout - Trout picked up the pace with walks this week, but was otherwise fairly quiet, by his standards. Those strikeouts keep piling up, but not enough to knock him out of the #1 spot.
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Last Week: 2
Albert Pujols - Albert is still playing well, but should we be worried he had to DH two days in a row? Is there another secret injury he is dealing with?
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Last Week: 3
C.J. Wilson - Wilson turned in what was easily his best start of the season, but at what point do we start to wonder if throwing 111 or more pitches in every start will begin to catch up with him?
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Last Week: 4
Howie Kendrick - All of the sudden Howie Kendrick is an ideal leadoff man with his walk rate at a career high and swiping four bags last week alone. Too bad Scioscia doesn't seem interested in sticking with it.
5green arrow up+1
Last Week: 6
Garrett Richards - Richards set career-highs in strikeouts in his last two starts. If he can start missing bats like that consistently, the league better watch out.
6green arrow up+1
Last Week: 7
Joe Smith - Joe Smith has been almost perfect since taking over as closer and he is still somehow going to be asked to just hand the job back to Frieri without batting an eye.
7Red arrow down-2
Last Week: 5
Jered Weaver - Weaver had another start that was just OK. His ineffectiveness this years is only compounded by his inability to go deep into games anymore.
8green arrow up+1
Last Week: 9
Erick Aybar - Aybar has been raking the last few weeks, but he isn't walking or stealing bases. Please, Scioscia, stop screwing around with him at leadoff.
9Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 8
Tyler Skaggs - I've referred to Skaggs as a highwire act all season long. Well, on Sunday, he fell off the wire and made a big mess on the pavement.
10-- 0
Last Week: 10
Michael Kohn - Kohn was used just twice this week with everyone else but Frieri going three times. What'd he do, Sosh? He's been pretty good. Open up the doghouse door.
11green arrow up+1
Last Week: 12
Ernesto Frieri - Frieri is looking good once again, but is the team really better off with him as closer? Seriously, I don't know. I'm asking you. Are they better off?
12Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 11
Chris Iannetta - Looks like that awful defensive performance last week did not go unnoticed by Scioscia as Iannetta only made two starts last week after starting an easy majority previously in the season.
13green arrow up+2
Last Week: 15
Hank Conger - A nice offensive week for Hank, but perhaps Dipoto finally made Scioscia understand that Conger is once again among the league leaders in framing.
14-- 0
Last Week: 14
Collin Cowgill - Which happens first: Calhoun and Hamilton return or Cowgill's .469 BABIP comes crashing back to earth?
15green arrow up+5
Last Week: 20
David Freese- Freese was finally on fire, assuming your definition of on fire includes no extra base hits, and then he gets hurt. This is one of the worst cases of Anaheimnesia I have ever seen.
16green arrow up+6
Last Week: 22
Fernando Salas - All of the sudden Fernando Salas is the setup man. I have no idea how that happened.
17-- 0
Last Week: n/a
C.J. Cron - Ready or not, Cron is going to be asked to be something of a lineup savior.
18-- 0
Last Week: n/a
Mike Morin - Morin is looking good so far, now we just need to wait for Scioscia to give him a chance to work his way up the depth chart.
19Red arrow down-6
Last Week: 13
Hector Santiago - When a guy has a career FIP almost a full run higher than his career ERA, I don't want to hear any bitching about how "unlucky" he has been this year in which his FIP and ERA are almost identical.
20Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 19
John McDonald> - So if Freese gets hurt and McDonald still can't get on the field, why exactly is he on the roster? If it is the leadership, just make him a coach already.
21Red arrow down-5
Last Week: 16
Kevin Jepsen - MWAH is officially putting Jepsen on DFA Watch. It seems like it is only a matter of time before Alvarez or Bedrosian steals his roster spot away.
22Red arrow down-5
Last Week: 17
Ian Stewart -
Stewart struck out four times in nine plate appearances last week and yet somehow is still going to end up platooning at third until Freese comes back. This is going to get ugly.
23Red arrow down-5
Last Week: 18
Raul Ibanez - Two hits, nine strikeouts in 18 plate appearances. No wonder C.J. Cron got the call-up this week.

-- 0
Last Week: 24
Nick Maronde - So we're done with Maronde now, right?
25Red arrow down-4
Last Week: 21
J.B. Shuck - Parting is such sweet... No, parting is just sweet.

Dropped From Rankings: Brennan Boesch (useless), Yoslan Herrera (can’t get anyone out)

Biggest Faller: Santiago, down six spots

Biggest Riser: Salas, up six spots


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