Angels Players Power Rankings – Week 18

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Last Week: 1
Mike Trout - Mike Trout has a .304 OBP since the All-Star break, but let's keep blaming Josh Hamilton's lack of dingers for the Angels' offensive struggles the last week or so.
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Last Week: 2
Garrett Richards - Facing Max Scherzer is a bad time to have your first non-quality start since May 30th.
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Last Week: 4
Jered Weaver - Weaver went out and shoved against the Tigers. Maybe he is the ace after all.
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Last Week: 3
Albert Pujols - A pretty lousy week for Pujols which begs the question: can Angels fans bitch about who is batting third and fourth at the same time?
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Last Week: 5
Kole Calhoun - When did we reach a point where Calhoun makes more highlight reel catches than Mike Trout?
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Last Week: 8
Erick Aybar - I guess the groin is OK, because Aybar is not only stealing bases again, he's scoring runs when nobody's paying attention.
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Last Week: 7
Howie Kendrick - Kendrick finally cooled off this week after an otherwise torrid month of July.
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Last Week: 9
Huston Street - A little over a week into the Huston Street era and his toe-tap wind-up is already annoying the living crap out of me.

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Last Week: 6
Josh Hamilton- Oh, Josh's knee hurts! Right. His knee. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Yeah, looks real painful.
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Last Week: 10
Joe Smith - Another perfect week for Smith, once again proving how much the Angels really needed a "proven closer."
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Last Week: 11
Kevin Jepsen - In 11 innings this month, Jepsen has allowed one walk, three hits and zero runs while striking out 13. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I am kind of starting to dig Kevin Jepsen.

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Last Week: 16
Matt Shoemaker - That 24-to-3 K/BB ratio this month is pretty sparkly, especially since all three walks came in his first start this month.
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Last Week: n/a
Tyler Skaggs - How important is Tyler Skaggs to the Angels? So important that I accidentally left him out of last week's rankings and nobody noticed.
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Last Week: 12
Chris Iannetta - Iannetta at least had some extra base hits this week, which is a big accomplishment for either member of the catching tandem.
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Last Week: 13
David Freese - Thanks to a very timely homer, almost nobody noticed that Freese fanned nine times in 20 plate appearances this week. Timing is everything.
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Last Week: 15
Mike Morin - Morin bottomed out with a three-run, losing outing early in the week, but has since rebounded quite strong.
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Last Week: 22
Efren Navarro - Efren Navarro is carrying the Angels right now. This is not an exaggeration or a fever dream... I think.
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Last Week: 17
Jason Grilli - I know this is supposed to be a comment about Grilli, but it strikes me as prudent to point out that Ernesto Frieri has allowed 10 runs in eight innings since he was traded to the Pirates.
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Last Week: 18
Hector Santiago - Santiago had a great line this week in his two starts, but from an aesthetic perspective, he didn't do a whole lot to help his case for staying in the rotation over Shoemaker.
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Last Week: 14
C.J. Cron - Cron is back and it doesn't look like those two games in the minors did much to help him out. But who cares? We got Efren Navarro!
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Last Week: 19
Hank Conger - Conger still isn't hitting, but his acting job in the dugout as everyone tried to ignore Navarro after his first MLB homer was pretty classic. Those two things cancel each other out, right?
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Last Week: 21
Cory Rasmus - Rasmus has very quietly been excellent since his last recall. Almost nobody noticed. Well, I guess Fernando Salas noticed seeing how Rasmus has now taken his job.
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Last Week: 24
Joe Thatcher - Thatcher faced one batter this week and threw one pitch. He hit the batter with the pitch. Well, at least he's efficient.
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Last Week: 23
Fernando Salas - With Salas now demoted to the minors, it is official: The Freese-Bourjos trade hasn't worked out at all in any way for anyone involved.
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Last Week: 25
John McDonald - Can we just start calling John McDonald "Angels Dad"?

Dropped From Rankings: Grant Green (do you even lift, bro? OWW, MY BACK!)

Biggest Faller: Cron, down six spots

Biggest Riser: Navarro, up five spots

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