Angels Players Power Rankings – Week 22

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Last Week: 1
Mike Trout - Mike Trout, the only player who is considered to be slumping in a week where he slugs .567.
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Last Week: 2
Garrett Richards - Well, that is one way to make sure Richards doesn't get fatigued from pitching too many innings. A little extreme, in my opinion, but I guess it works.
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Last Week: 4
Kole Calhoun - I've been holding off on having Calhoun leapfrog Pujols for weeks now, but I can't resist after a stellar week both at the plate and in the field. GINGER POWER!
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Last Week: 3
Albert Pujols - A weird week for Pujols who normally struggles with average and OBP while still flashing power. This week, he had a .393 OBP and eight hits, but they were all singles.
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Last Week: 5
Jered Weaver - I called Weaver a non-ace last week, but for six innings on Sunday, he found a bit of that magic when the Angels needed it most. Thanks, Weave.
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Last Week: 6
Huston Street - I had almost forgotten what it was like to have a closer that didn't go into a death spiral after each blown save.
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Last Week: 9
Erick Aybar - Aybar finally remembered how to hit and ended up having a big week. It should only be a matter of time until Scioscia has him back in the five-hole, which will be really annoying.
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Last Week: 7
Joe Smith - How does a sidearmer throwing a sinker even throw a ball that high? Explain it to me, please, because I don't even understand the physics of it.

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Last Week: 10
Matt Shoemaker - Wait. Did Shoemaker become the staff ace while no one was looking? What's going on here? What color is the sky? I'm so confused. I need a hug.
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Last Week: 8
Howie Kendrick - Howie had three multi-hit games this week, but still hasn't found much of a power stroke.
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Last Week: 11
David Freese - Freese cooled off just in time for Scioscia to move him up the order. This is why you can't go chasing hot streaks, people.
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Last Week: 13
Hector Santiago - An existential question: does Hector Santiago even know that he is allowed to pitch in the seventh inning? The answer will be given on the season two premier of Cosmos.
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Last Week: 12
Chris Iannetta - Iannetta walked a whopping nine times this week, but he also struck out with the bases loaded to end Friday's game and allowed Smith's wild pitch to get by him on Saturday. So, screw Iannetta and his walks.
14green arrow up+2
Last Week: 16
Mike Morin - Morin has turned into the bullpen's escape artists as he has managed to strand the last 10 runners that he's inherited.
15Red arrow down-1
Last Week: 14
Kevin Jepsen - Another week another run allowed for Jepsen. This is normally the part where I would start declaring the sky to be falling, but I'm tired so I'll just let you imagine it for yourself. You should be familiar with my anti-Jepsen rantings by now.
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Last Week: 18
C.J. Wilson - Ladies and gentlemen, C.J. is on the beam and standing fully erect. Hehe, I said "erect."

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Last Week: 20
Josh Hamilton- So now that Hamilton is hitting well for a few days we are all going to agree to pretend that switching to a lighter bat isn't him tacitly admitting that he's lost bat speed, right? Good.
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Last Week: 15
Collin Cowgill - Cowgill had a rough week after getting exposed by right-handed pitching and then losing most his PAs against lefties to the newly acquired Beckham.
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Last Week: 19
Fernando Salas - Salas continues his electric month of August in which he's fanned 14 allowed just three hits and no walks over 11 innings.
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Last Week: 17
Jason Grilli - Dammit, Grilli is broken again. Does this mean the Angels need to re-trade him for Frieri? Gosh, I sure hope not. My ulcer only just now fully healed.
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Last Week: 21
Cory Rasmus - For the first time since late-June, Rasmus only pitched one inning.
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Last Week: 22
Efren Navarro - If Beckham was acquired to be the right-handed DH despite having other viable options, how much longer does Navarro have to slump before the Angels gets a real left-handed DH?
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Last Week: n/a
Gordon Beckham - So, it is a good thing that White Sox fans are celebrating the departure of Beckham, right?
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Last Week: 23
Hank Conger - With just one start this week and one of his plate appearances given over to a sac bunt, Conger has been almost completely phased out.
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Last Week: 25
John McDonald - With Beckham now on the roster to be a potential defensive replacement at third as well, can we just make it official and start listing McDonald as Head Cheerleader?

Dropped From Rankings: Brennan Boesch (didn’t know designated hitters were supposed to, you know, hit)

Biggest Faller: Cowgill and Grilli, down three spots each

Biggest Riser: Hamilton, up three spots

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