Better Late than Never; Angels defeat Rangers 8-3

You realize that the Angels are only 10 games out of the second wild card? I believe people I believe…

Okay not really. But the drive to .500 is legitimate. With tonight's win the Halos are just 7 games under the break even mark. That seems like a realisic goal for the remainder of the season. Finish above .500 and at least on paper the season will look a little more palpatable.

I know, that's a depressing thought but given that the team has certainly played better in recent weeks means that the last month won't be as trudgingly boring as we thought it might be.

Angels 8 Rangers 3


Game Notes

— We have belabored the Garrett Richards starter thing to death. But with each start Richards looks more and more like a legitimate part of next year's rotation. Garrett has good stuff and is gaining confidence with each outing. I really like him as a #3 guy in the Ervin Santana, when he was good, mold.

— Is it just me or is this current Angel line-up kinda fun to watch. With a bunch of slap hitters who can run and take extra bases, the remind me of a poor man's 1980's Cardinals team. Now that team won a World Series, but this Halo squad has a whole bunch of scrap to them. It at least two of the current crop of younguns develops into something like a real ballplayer, then we might have something.

— The bullpen is still a problem though. Though not an issue tonight, I do not trust anyone down there. newest workhorse Cory Rasmus appears to be just another wild arm who won't amount to much. This has to be dealt with in the offseason are we are in for another long season.

Halo Hero

I really like Mark Trumbo. I also feel bad for him. He will never be sabermetric friendly and as a result, his value will always be dimished. But he's a hometown kid who hits homers in bunches and when he gets hot, he is capable of carrying a team. Truth is, he will probably be traded during the offseason, but his no nonsense, workmanlike attitude is a nice sight to see in Red, even if those days may come to an end soon.

Keep hitting those dingers Mark!