Boxscore Breakdown #101: Striking out on Singles Night – Tigers 6, Angels 4

It was Singles Night at the Big A last night and the Angels struck out… a lot. I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting all month to make a stupid pun about Singles Night. It felt good. Really, really good.

What didn’t feel good was this game. The Angels have now lost three of four and all against division leaders. It isn’t any reason for panic considering the run the Angels were on before this tiny skid, but it is enough to at least start planting the seeds of anxiety. I really should be more optimistic, but I kind of think that I’m somewhat conditioned to expect the worst after these last four playoff-less years.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Kole Calhoun had himself a day at the plate and in the field. He would’ve had an even bigger day of Austin Jackson hadn’t made that gorgeous catch in center. Heck, the Angels might’ve had a better day if not for that. The broadcasters have loved talking about how clutch Erick Aybar has been this year. This was not a great night for that narrative. Oh, and C.J. Cron is back and looks like he is still struggling. Apparently two days in the minors isn’t a panacea.

Torii Hunter continues to make the Angels regret their decision to replace him with Josh Hamilton. However, it was Eugenio Suarez (who?) somehow wreaking havoc against the Halos. Also, Ian Kinsler had two RBIs, which is always annoying.

Starting Pitcher Scores

We already talked about Scherzer’s strikeouts and generally good game. Garrett Richards, however, was not nearly as good. It was actually quite surprising to see him so quickly flush away the lead the the bats gave him. He’s been so great of late that he gets leeway for falling apart like that, but it was certainly not the kind of thing you like to see in what is a potential playoff match-up.

Bullpen Battle

Hey, guess what? The Angels bullpen struggled again. The late inning guys have it on lockdown, but the middle inning guys are looking a bit wobbly again. Jason Grilli and Fernando Salas both gave up insurance runs which proved to be the difference in the game. As for the Tigers, I was so excited that Joe Nathan came out for the save, thinking that he was a disaster waiting to happen. he then went and struck out the side. Lame.

Game Flow

For just a minute there things looked so good for the Angels. Then Richards put up the opposite of a shutdown inning and it was nothing but sadness interrupted by a brief giggle at Joba Chamberlain‘s absurd beard.

Halo A-Hole

You’re right, Garrett. That definitely wasn’t an ace performance.

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